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  1. Will should be getting set to start filming 'A Pursuit of Happyness' this month. this is a movie that can establish will as a great actor if he does it well. he has always been viewed as a blockbuster actor who makes hits with sci-fi adventures and i wish i could see him personally to tell him to nail this one like he told jamie foxx for 'ray'. he was nominated for an oscar with 'ali', this time i'm very sure he's gonna win! will has a lot of goodwill across the world and if he nails this one, he's goin' places. i wish him luck and all the best for this picture. the picture holds a lot of promise as one of the best pictures coming out next year. i don't know who the director is (i read somewhere he's italian). all the best will! make this your best picture and shame the naysayers!
  2. you're the man!!!!!!!! awesome list!!!!! and maybe barry levinson and sam mendes.
  3. i know a lot of y'all wouldn't feel me on this but PERSONALLY i think this is Will's best solo album: the beats, his flow, his carefree, easygoing attitude was just awesome. of course it had to be his best selling record. he seemed too 'fresh' and was a comeback form his short acting hiatus. out off his 4 solo efforts, bws stands out for me.
  4. tom cruise is my 2nd best actor and will is hollywoods money maker. picture them in a pyscho thriller directed by either spielberg or any great director out there, it's gonna be the movie of the decade!
  5. braceups if you ain't a fan of true hip hop you shouldn't talk down on hip hop gods like NAS. hey frenetic thanks 4 the info, what do you really know about nas's album? nasdaq dow jones? funny name for an album. i want nas to diss 50 in a way he'll never recover and show the world that 50's a snitch to hip hop and a sell out. looking eagerly for the lp to drop. common's always kept it real. songs like 'the corner' are dope. 'the documentary' by the game i'll say is the BEST PRODUCED hip hop album i've heard in ages of course he's under dre, the master of beats. but lyrically, game's average and his never ending name dropping doesn't help matters. yo frenetic and bigted, you guys are keepin' it real!
  6. first of all, i'd say they are a lot of jay z's peeps on this board who are arguing desperately for him, which is surprising. i get bigted's and aj's point. 'reasonable doubt' is jay's best no doubt, it's referred to as the 'hustler's record', 'cause jay went 'thru hell to rise to the top. but that said, i think over the years he has forgotten his humble past and grown too cocky and arrogant in his music and behaviour. the low point was dissing nas on that terrible diss song. his arguments: nas isn't selling records and don't appear on the charts anymore! is that what hip hop's all about? commercialism has ruined hip hop and jay z was contributory to that. that's also 50's arguments to his rivals, "i sold 11 million copies and they didn't even go platinum..." bulls***! 'big willie style' was a commercial rap record, with smooth rhymes (personally, i think will's flow was best here than on any of his albums) and old sampled records. but it sold more than jay's commercial attempt 'vol 1' which was ravaged by critics. and finally, i think jay is a will hater. on a song in his 'roc la familia: the dynasty', he drops a line which was damn too cocky for my liking it goes "even sold more records than will smith"
  7. my suggestion is will should do a tour quickly, he has 2 months (june and july: summer!). i don't know if tihs is gonna hamper his tour 'cause this is blockbuster movie period. ironically, will don't have any summer blockbuster this year! however, this film could solidify Will's acting career and remove that toga of being a box office draw who only kills aliens and saves the world in the end. i personally am sick of those films and if Will nails this one right he might just be taken seriously in Hollywood. actors are more respected for critical roles and sensible films than blockbuster movies that just make money. and finally, i think the younger your chances of winning an oscar the better. jamie foxx has risen from that 'funny guy' to a very sought after actor and more food for thought: people spend money to see will's films, he's the #1 bankable star in the world with movies being produced for him (tonite he comes) but they don't spend money on his music. so it means people prefer him as an actor than a musician. what d'yall think?
  8. i'd love rakim on a remix to l&f but on one condition: the remix be produced by a reputable dj, premier maybe or jeff. i'm not feeling the beat for l&f. i think the concept and message of the song would have been great with a good hip hop beat with a dj. and is it me or are the beats in this album very weak? great message and lyricism unlike will's previous albums, but very half baked beats. will don't need to go for the commercial producers around but they are very good hip hop producers around like salaam remi, l.e.s, premier etc. if jeff did the whoe album, it would have been great! will's wealthy enough to command great beats. for me 4 songs stand out in good beats: - switch and the remix - tell me why - could u luv me
  9. in this entire board, i have to say proudly that IT'S ONLY BIGTED who understands what REAL hip hop culture and music is all about. i feel you man and i agree with all your arguments and comments.
  10. I'm not pleased with the sales of this album. Finally artistes make music for the public and not necessarily themselves. over 200, 000 copies in 3 weeks is very poor. It's like nobody's feeling Will anymore except a few hip hop heads. I mean, this is someone whose first solo LP sold over 12 million copies worldwide! What's goin' on? It's like the public have lost their interest in Will's music and focus on his movie career. I'm very sure Will's not happy with the sales so far neither am I. HE's having a very successful career as an actor and i think he should put all his energy into that. He has great love for music, he can start a label and partner up with jeff to source for great talent and inspire them. He'll still derive his joy from that. I know I'll be heavily attacked by board members for suggesting this but it's reality.
  11. i don't think it's gonna be aired live. you know ticket sales and all. if there is a broadcast, they're gonna account a loss in ticket sales. so it's only for jo'burg residents. too bad i live far, far away form SA.
  12. i'm with bigted's list. i mean grandmaster's flash's 'the message' set the standard for consciousness in hip hop today. that's a classic anytime anyday
  13. oops!!!! i was so excited i forgot to log in. i just dashed and posted the topic. very careless of me.
  14. Lost and Found Artist: Will Smith Title: Lost and Found Rating: Reviewed by: Houston Williams "Truthfully, the problem with Lost and Found is outside of this album. It would appear that the label (Interscope Records) is more willing to put all of its energies in artists like 50 Cent, The Game and Eminem. Certainly, that’s a reality, but with the right push this album would be a platinum seller. And artistically, it more than rivals 50 Cent and Eminem, but falls under Game’s debut." this is part of the review of the allhiphop site and i must say that i think it was a big mistake for Will to havegone to interscope because they ain't gonna promote his album like 50. he's album is onfire right now and that's all they know.
  15. i think its a fair review, he gave quite a few good facts. i think Will being a big movie star didn't help his music. He returned to hip hop when it turned bling bling and commercial (thanks to puffy and the shiny suit era). if he did real hip hop music at the time he wouldn't sell and people were gonna say, "wow he sells movies, but he can't sell his music. how whack is that?" but on the long run, he's seen it didn't pay off and columbia dropped him and came up with a 'real' album, l & f. real hip hop don't sell. the old hip hoppers; rakim, kane, g rap, ll cool j, etc hardly went platinum and some of them don't now. with commercial hip hop on scene; 50, eminem, aftermath/shady etc, there's no way will stands a chance. but overall, i'm happy he made an album that was 'him' and not about movies or commercialism.
  16. there was controversy when Halle did that raunchy love scene with bob thornton in 'monster's ball'. saying 'cause of the role, she won her oscar, but if it were with a black, she would have been ignored. well, racism is still a very touchy issue, it also includes entertainment.
  17. bb2 and mib2 weren't very good sequels, they just passed merely. a sequel for id4 is a no-no. it's very wrong and shouldn't even be thought of at all. i've said this time and again, will should 'switch' his movie chioces so he'd get his props amongst movie goers. he's proven his worth as a box office draw with blockbuster movies, he should go for career defining and critical roles like 'a pursuit of happyness' and some other good thrillers and dramas.
  18. i love the concept of the movie. it's not gonna be like those superhero movies with a wide appeal, but a darker character. i think after promoting the album, he should start work on 'pursuit of happyness' and 'tonite'. they have the potentials of becoming two big and good movies.
  19. i think these stars with Will are just for commercial purposes for a movie. i think personally, the next movie he needs is a drama, and Halle should act alongside him. that's gonna be the bomb. none of those actors y'all called wouldn't jell with will.
  20. f**k reviews and ride with your own 'review' of the album. Will ain't never gonna be appreciated for his music. it's like you americans have been hypnotized 'cause i can't understand why 50 cent's trashy and crappy album stills selling and #1!
  21. the issue of sales for the album is kinda tricky. born to reign may be a factor in all this 'cause it was a disaster. i doubt lost and found will debut at #1, if it does, then it's gonna be a miracle! but among the top 10. 50 cent is still #1, thanks to some very gullible americans who don't appreciate good music. well commercialism is on a high and with 50 doin a ridiculous song like 'candy shop', then the future of music in the States is bleak. anyways i'm glad will dropped a tight album, a classsic piece of art, that's what matters and he'll wade through
  22. ha ha! lot's of good words for 'lost & found'. i think i'm the only african on this board. so i'll probably get the album in april! anyone who downloaded this album IS NOT A FAN of will. period. listenening to it is different. but burning it on a disc? NAH, YOU AIN'T NO FANS AND Y'ALL SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES.
  23. it's fantastic news that the album is getting such good reviews. i was quite anxious that will wouldn't get it right this time. but i'm happy about this reaction about the album. well, the fact it's on leak is good in a way 'cause it shows that people are hungry for will's music, but interscope gotta get their acts together. they gotta push the date back. this friday definitely.
  24. that's the more reason why l&f has to douse the doubts over the under performance of b2r. i hope will puts it right with this one. and the fact that that asshole gangsta wanksta's record is gone double platinum in less than 2 weeks (and what a terrible album, i don't know what's up with americans!). i the hope interscope don't ignore will and promote l&f properly, or do you think they will?
  25. you americans i would say don't appreciate GOOD AND REAL music. within 4 days, that asshole's album, goes platinum and the album's WHACK as hell (i've listened to it)! in recent days, he's been picking up quarells with everyone even with those within his camp (game and dre). then the asshole has the guts to open his filthy mouth against a screen legend 'cause he don't want to feature in his f**ked up movie! i think that guy is losing his mind and going nuts. and no post of that asshole on this board ever. we should concentrate on what will's album has to offer.
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