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?uestlove talks about weekend trip at 'Willand'


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blog 26: (quest)love come down

Current mood: exhausted

from the home office straight from the gutta....

top 10 quotes my family and friends (& enemies--cause i keeps them closer) accused me of exaggerating while recapping my weekend trip from Willand.

10. "....dog i swear...there were 48 blueberries in EACH friggin muffin yo!!!!"

9. "...while going 20 mph in the driveway, it took us 53 seconds before we even saw his house on the property"

8. "man i'm telling you!!!!! 3 cubs were being breastfed in the garage while that san diego zoo lady injected a shot in the mother AS she breastfed yo!!!"

7. "dude i swear it WAS a SWING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

6. "**** a closet!!! he got a sweatshop with 43 workers stitching the new lebrons NOW son!"

5. "yes dave is hiding in the guest house....we'll start season 4 talks next week...."

4. "look man say what you want!!!! i saw the job application on the coffee table!!!!!!!!!......---well nigga how many "micheal joeseph jackson's" you know!!!?!?!?!?"

3. "two words: really really BUTTER ****ING LEATHER !!!!!!!!"

2. "......yes man! royal penis wipers!!!!!"

1. "...forget yall punk asses so i stretched it...47 BLUEBERRIES!"

EDIT: there's more on his trip from another blog he posted, he talks something about having a meeting with Will on production, hopefully this means we'll be getting a Will/?uestlove track soon!!! :mygod: :


blog 25 whhhhhaaasuuup whhhhhhasssssup whaaaasupp wit chu? (the remix)

Current mood: impressed

the following IM exchange was had between two industry peers:

me. (aka "?")


RASHAD SMITH of tumblin dice productions. (the man who brought you big's "one more chance", busta's "woo hah", mary j's "my life", LL's "doin it" and more)

RS/sup dude?

?-member the story when martin lawrence turns into a bitch when he visited eddie murphy's house for the first time?

RS-lol yeah

?-singing "wassup....WASSSSUP....WASSSSSUUUUP wit you?"

RS- lol yeah!

?-well i just left will smiths 149 acre estate.....

(starts singing "getting jiggy with it.......nananana na na naaaa)


where is it?

?-in la up in

heaven somewhere

RS-i bet

?-dude--he has a stadium.....

his OWN stadium with scoreboard and bleachers!!!!!!!!!!!

and everything is made by hand!!! all the doors and tables

nothing brought in a store yo...nothing!!!!

RS-dayam...he got money

?-then i started singing "switch" when he made the roof transform into a sunroof



?-a simple remote makes the roof slide

nigga.....i need my mommy.....too cotdamn overwhelming. i was cool with **** as long as i didn't get to see what i was missing. but at the rate where i could count 200 paces before i left the bathroom means that there is much much more to life....



?-i mean his own orange grove for his juice!!!!!

homemade ice cream son!!!!! and fresh cookies by the hour!! james and i were scared to pick up our chicken and ****....

RS-LOL dayam

?-dude and to top it off

i went to the bathroom

and was so afraid to wipe my hands on the towels

that they was ALL rolling on the floor when i came out

cause i had decided to dry my hands on my shirt and the **** left big ass water marks...


?-dude i brought new clothes just to wear for this meeting

how bitchy is that?

RS-....wait this was for a party?


this was just for production!!!


RS-(i hear you singing "wasssup wassssup wasssssup wit you?!")

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In ?uestlove's previous blog on Friday he said that he was gonna hang out with Will this weekend and post after weekend 'bout his trip :wiggle:


"but i'm a businessman. and this weekend i have a meeting with the man in black (W Smith. i'll blog on this once i experience what its like to spend the weekend with a gazillionare West philly bred family man)---i'm sure Dawn and Yah will take the Kennedy's on their offer, the guest list alone was star studded (larry david, dan akroyd, john goodman, etc). so perhaps she will talk about it in her blog."

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It looks like ?uestlove and James Poyser (my man james from I wanna Rock legendary producer) are working on this new album from Will.. incredible!!

Let's hope they are...I really hope we can get a new album from Will soon...or just some new songs!

Thanx 4 posting that, it was funny to read! :kekeke:

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Sounds like a lot of fun.

:word: Hopefully ?uestlove'll post some pics! :yeah: That stuff there looks like commentary he does in the liner notes of The Roots albums explaining what happens everytime they make a song, he's a funny dude, lol....

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I like this respons a lot:


OK this is easy.

Will Smith diss track against Bow Wow produced by Ahmir "?uestlove" Thompson.

**** would be dirty. I know the Fresh Prince still got some battle in him.

Posted by kenan on Wednesday, January 11, 2006 at 4:20 PM

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How dope would it be if they made such a song? :lolsign:

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lol, I think it'd be even funnier if Will did a Bow Wow diss track with Snoop and JD, this response is dope though, a lot of them seem to have love for JJFP:

"gotta have at least one (if not five) joints with jeff just cutting up a break while the fresh prince (yeah, make him go back to the old name) raps over it. they had a track like that on (willenium?) and it was by far the best song on there.

oh yeah.

fresh prince feat. prince.

it's gotta happen.


ps: will can afford the sample clearance. get over as many classic breaks as possible. *wink*

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?uestlove is a damn genius! The Roots are one of my fav bands! Would be just wonderful if they did something together? Now we don't even know anything yet.. but if Will does anything with ?uestlove, that probaby means that WIll's next project ain't too commercial. ?uestlove isn't the partytrack type of guy.

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