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Who is Kel Spencer?

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MTV hasn't had music on it in years...and now they are just as bad as radio stations...they play the same 20 videos over and over. Other than that, it's a bunch of crappely put 2gether shows like Next, My Own_____, Can I Be You, Real World, Road Rules, Real World/Road Rules, Real World Reunion...i mean, come on. I usually watch BET since 80 of their broadcasting is music. Even tho' VH-1 has 2 many shows on it, they are at least releated 2 music an entertainment. They at least support some older music, fogotten artists, and new artists who usually get clouded over by bigger artists.

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I thought "Uncut" was over. They stopped running it like a month or so ago. It's so weird that I caught it, and shook my head when I seen booty shakin, dollars droppin, alchol spilling, and all that stuff to the song... Boyz II Men - End of The Road. And I'm serious. Unbelievable.

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Yeah this sounds great, definately looking forward to that documentary!!

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