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Who is Kel Spencer?

Silver Tiger

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  • 3 weeks later...

i just recently ordered the disc myself so i'll be dropping a review shortly once i receive and give it a proper listen

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here is my Track by Track Review

Who is Kel Spencer

1. Zab Judah Intro

the welter weight world champ gives an intro!

2. Freestyle

I love this..

"they gonna be trying to dismantle the power/if the mics in my hand i got a hand full of power/if the bibles in my hand i got a hand full of power/my team reign you can cancel ya shower"

Just a great little freestyle to set the album off, a good sign of things to come..

3. Talk It Up (Snippet)

Nice little track, its a pity its only a snippet though

4. It Ain't Nothin'

nice verses not really feelin the chorus tho..the beat is dope.. "im straight hip hop like a rawkus hoodie"

5. One Way (Snippet)

this is hard! its the truth.. great rhymes.. once again wish he had the full track on here

6. Black Hand Side

Wow..this is my favorite track.. Great original beat by Kels brother. Kel just kills the verses, his flow is so dope on this..bobbin and weavin out of the beat. Theres too many lines in this track to quote.. 10/10

7. Freestyle

Another great freestyle.. man kel comes up with sum great hooks for these freestyles..

8. Grindin' (Feat. Tatyana Ali)

Well we all know grindin! Its great to hear TaTYANA Ali singing again.. and shes on the grind.. hot track!

9. I Got K.O.'s/ Number One (Zab Anthem)

K.O.'s/area codes beat..very nice.. boxing theme on this one.. really nice chilled out track breaks up the album flow nicely.

Number One/this is over that nelly track..number one..which was one of nellys better tracks..but hearing that beat gives me bad memories ha.. hearing kel do the chorus it just doesnt sound good to me.. still nice lyrics one again

10. Who Is Kel Spencer

this is important Kel just basically says what he he's done, where he's at and what the deal is.. Calling out the wackness of the rap game..

11. Word to the 3RD (Feat. Chosen Onez)

not my favorite track..but pretty good

12. Freestyle

this is a pretty deep track.."let hip hop grow" definitely..

13. No Hook (2002)

kel doin what he does..flowin nicely.. this is a really good beat whoever did it..

14. The Wilderness Pt. 1

this track really grows on you.. you seen the video..kels story..definitely one of the best on the mixtape

15. Win The Crowd

Another dope track!! sort of an ominous beat..vocal samples ..and kel just spittin..

"i watched yall get filled with greed/to the point where a green piece of paper could determine/if mr dj is gonna have your vinyl turning?"

16. Statin' Facts

another good chorus..another good beat..kel switches up his flow nicely.. nice laid back joint just sort of grooves along...

17. It's All Related (6 Degrees)

drama..its all related.. this is a great storytellin track.. this is definitely in my absolute favs on the album.. 3 brilliant verses..3 different stories.. 10/10

18. Crooklyn Dodgers (Feat. Masta Ace)

masta ace..the legend!! on a kel spencer track.. damn this mixtape is really pickin up towards the end.. this track is sum classic ****.. this sounds like sum classic 93-94 jazz hip hop.. this could be the best track on the album.. when u got a great emcee like masta ace on a track..and kels alongside him you can tell that kels right up there with these emcees.. he needs to shine.. masta aces verse is short..but tight.. this is a definite highlight.just wish the track was longer

19. Ghetto (Feat. vocals by Akon)

okay this is like my 3rd "best track on the album"..but this is a good sign of the quality..the beat and akons vocals are just real good..kel then matches it up with sum great verses and now you have a real emotional track .. this is real powerful.. and kel paints a vivid picture of the ghetto..

"every swing of the pendulem/we closer to the end of them/we used to hunger pains dog../we simply blend em in/go in your pocket, theres nothin in ya hand but lint/but that can make a gentleman a gremelin/run for guns and leave the block trembelin/i aint reccomenden em/im simply rememberin/them gremelins is my mens and em"

20. EZ-Back (Snippet)

great beat..hard track..up tempo..catchy chorus..

21. Freestyle

Love this beat..man this is a great track again..album quality verse.. ya man is spittin!

22. Playin' The Game (Chosen Onez)

This is good chosen onez back and forth..not up to the quality of the last 5 tracks tho..

23. Pop Off (Snippet)

grimy beat! you may have heard this track on his myspace.. nice track

24. Freestyle

another good freestyle

25. Zab Judah Outro

outro takes it out..

So overall this is a great mixtape..definitely worth the $10.. Definitely can't wait for the 1st Kel Spencer album.. Hes got a great flow..great lyrics..great hooks and its all on display on the mixtape.. You can see the progression he's made from willennium/w3 soundtrack to streets know that..to this mixtape in 05..pick up your copy today!

My Favorite tracks are: "black hand side" "the wilderness" "its all related" "crooklyn dodgers" and "ghetto"

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I like ur review, Timboat... myne was waaay longer than urs man, and I aint gonna post it here.. cuz u know i can get stupidly carried away... :paperbag: LOL... instead of anotha one, imma just say

My #1 fav overall is Ghetto.

THAT joint is on and poppiN like hot butter pop corn baby! whoo! Everything was SmooVe and on point. Kel's flow in this joint was so rediculous,...he needs to Hustle UP cuz he's not takin his rightful place in the world of rap artists... but my thing is this tho... now tell me why...

I dont understand why Will hasnt helped him more than he could have. that dissapoints me jus a lil bit.. but everything happens in its t yming, not b4 hand...



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i got the cd and some things were dissapointing. the who is kel spencer? interludes between every track was one. the snippets were another, when i got in2 a track it was fading out already. some songs arent recorded at the same volume level. an example is Ghetto. Ghetto is a great track but it sounds distorted and noticibly louded than all the other tracks. and lastly, CD Baby scuffed up my cd and it came with scuff marks and skips for a whole minute throught i got KO's/number one.

so needless to say i was a lil disapointed but its still alot of quality music in there.

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  • Admin

should ask cdbaby for a new copy wes.. as far as the snippets and interludes..it is a mixtape..woulda been better if a dj mixed the whole thing together tho.. but yeah all voice interludes become tiresome after a few listens... Cookies I'm sure Will has helped Kel out .. just wait till he gets those royalty cheques for switch :kekeke:

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timboat,... I was talkin bout either managing him like Wikked WisdoM , helpin with a majour label, lettin him tour or perform live on tv like Tray KNox did with "1,000" kisses for BTR...

but yaa, Wes, ur right in alot of points..but believe it or not, the way he put it down, kinda makes it more real...maybe its jus me... but i think it transcends an 'idea' that everyday ppl can recognize & relate to,... that they can do they thing too. He pulled it off in a real unique 'uncut' way, wasn't perfect quality that u prolly looKin 4,...but ppl can see REAL quality shine thru, if they have an ear 4 natural talent... cuz that flow and his message delivery, both ~~>strait dope... THAS whats up.

U listenin for tha wrong thang tho baby... :stickpoke: lol.

dont know why ur cd was scratched, but cdbaby wrapped myne all up in silk... one lil scratch, but my cd was strait, so what tha hell... :lolsign:



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Got my CD today. I cant write reviews so im just gonna randomly comment on it lol. I like the way he uses a lot of samples u can recognise, he takes beats from rappers that arnt that good and makes them his own and makes them better e.g Nellys song number one.

It is slightly annoying that there are snippits, u get into the song and it fades out, i guess that just part of being a mixtape.

My faves are the first 2 freestyles, Grindin (gotta love taty), i got Ko's/number one, The wilderness, Its all related, Ghetto (akon does a great job on this).

overall i really like it, there are a couple of songs that are a bit too "hard" for me, but thats just my personal taste.

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  • 2 weeks later...

i just want to know ............. who is kel spencer

buy the Mixtape!!..n Kel Spencer if im not mistaken is Will's ghostwriter awesome rapper but he doesnt responds messages on myspace!! Kel if u watch this posts im still waitin those lyrics u told me u will send me!

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