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Who is Kel Spencer?

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This came in the mail yesterday. I've played through it twice now. All 25 tracks of it. This is how you do a mixtape. Any fan of Willenium should recognize the name Kel Spencer from his verse on "Uuhhh." He was spitting raw lyrics then and he's still doing it today.

This is out to get some buzz in before his album drops in the summer. I will be playing this in parking lots all around.

For those that don't know, Kel Spencer is a talented MC that hasn't gotten much exposure (and that's partly his own fault). You can hear some of his songs here. This is straight Hip Hop that brings the quality with it. I know I'm probably the only one (with maybe one or two exceptions, you know who you are) here that's got the mixtape, but I recommend you get it. If you love Hip Hop you'll love this.

God Blessa!

he's decent, nothing to amazing...but good stuff to shuffle ur ipod to

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I got this email today from Kel, did anybody else here get this? I actually did email him quite a few times to hear some of his previous material he recorded on mixtapes, this is a great idea for him to do this:

First off...

I'd like to thank all of you for being a part of the 3RD Power/

L. BENNETT Movement. I appreciate the love and support and ask that

you continue to be a part of what we're doing as long as we're doing

what you like...

I just wanted to announce the Kel Spencer Re-release of 2003's

"The Streets Know That EP." I was at a different level of artistry

back then. I was at a different level of focus back then. I was at a

different level of spirituality back then. But, due to overwhelming

requests for its re release, I'm doing just that. And I'm sure you

love the CD as well as the opportunity to watch my growth from one

level to the next. So after receiving this e-mail, be on the look out

via Myspace. JJFP Forum, etc... for the opportunity to get your hands

on it and/or bring some other folks on in to the the 3RD Power


I appreciate you.

Grace and Peace...


L. Bennett the Man, Kel Spencer the Artist

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Well we just gotta keep an eye to see if he posts something on his myspace or even here in this forum like he said in the message, we'll know when it comes out

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Thanks man I just put in for it!! :thumbsup:

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I peeped the tracks. Wow, there is a difference. I can honestly say I'm not feelin it as much as his current stuff. But it something about it that just has an appeal. Those humble beginnings. It might be awhile before I buy it because I don't exactly have money to throw away. It's good he keeps moving to new and amazing things.

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