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  1. This post is going to get a lot of people angry, but I'm going to put it up anyway just because it's the way I feel. Will Smith does not deserve this at all. In my view Will Smith is not a real rapper whatsoever, however he is a tremendous actor and he should stick to that. Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince failed to keep their clean style of rap alive in the 90's when gangsta rap destroyed everything in it's path. And now the mean is what 40 years old? It's over for Will Smith in the rap game. More power to Will, but the real legends who deserve this title are people like Biggie Smalls, Tupac, and Dr. Dre.
  2. Sorry for the spam but I'm feeling a bit uncomfortable with the original contents of this message.
  3. Thanx for that i get tons :signthankspin:
  4. I made one of those skype things just in case I wonder if my Xbox Live mic will work? :shrug:
  5. Downloading....I get them on my iPod
  6. I'm already subscribed to a DJ Jazzy Jeff podcast :sipread:
  7. Daddy Yankee feat. Fergie - Impacto (Remix)
  8. All I Know by DJ Jazzy Jeff feat. C.L. Smooth
  9. I just picked this up. Definately more than I expected it to be whick was ALOT. Im listening to it now. My favorite tracks so far are The Definition and All I Know. Surprisingly the skits were somewhat entertaining instead of just pressing the skip track button. This album is proof that DJs can definately still kick it.
  10. I know I saw that they were moving and they were in pain because they were still alive.I am gonna track that guy down :bufordpusser: :lolsign:
  11. Looks good.I'll order it when I get the chance.Thanks for the link.
  12. Kanye West feat. Paul Wall and GLC- Drive Slow In the mood for Paul Wall today
  13. I couldn't watch it either.How could he slam an animal against the sidewalk like that?Sick.
  14. I voted yesterday more people are voting against you than for you what's happenin?
  15. Plus you got all edited versions for the Bustah Rhymes albums.What's up with that?
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