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  1. Oh that one i saw that one just don't remember him saying that.
  2. Sorry, I din't see how old the topic was I thought it was fairly new because it was close to te top.
  3. Which episode I could of and just not seen it in a while.
  4. What is B Side? Are you talking about vynl or what?
  5. I never saw the show i was to young when it very first started.
  6. Willineum was good but I think L&F has better lyrics.
  7. I just want to know because I see y'all have great stuff in the audio forum.
  8. Scientist are bored i mean come on Ceres is like amoon for jupiter.
  9. When I first heard SexyBack I thought it was a girl singing it.
  10. That is what it is I just think of it as a game.
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