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Who is Kel Spencer?

Silver Tiger

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Kel Spencer - Move Everybody (Scroll on down and Kel's right there)

I was doing some searches of Kel and found this song. I don't know if everybody has heard it or have it. It's sounds pretty sweet.

I love It! Thanx for sharing mfuqua23! :2thumbs:

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yo Kel, i got a small request. is there any way you can make The Pen The Sword available for us to download? if you could put it up on yousendit.com that would be great. this is your best song in my opinion and i'd really like to have it on my mp3 player and not have to deal with the instability of the myspace music player every time i wanna listen to it. keep doin ya thang!

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I have defo been sleeping on KS, that pen the sword track is friggin' amazing!

Oh yeah, why is there a new version of the wilderness video on Youtube??? It doesn't have Will in it! That bit of Will at t he end was pretty coool... I liked the old video more, good thing I still have it saved :2thumbs:

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Is Kel still gonna sell his mixtape? cuz I put in for it like a couple weeks ago. I'm beginning to think it wasn't worth it and should just wait for his album.

What do you mean "still gonna sell his mixtape?"

It's definitely worth it, especially for $10.

God Blessa!

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