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Who is Kel Spencer?

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With my current situation of saving saving saving, I appreciate anything quality on a budget. I've been picking up cheap Wii games that are selling for practically nothing for my entertainment and free music of this standard is always welcome. Really enjoying this, I haven't picked up a new rap album in about 6 months.

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I downloaded the album when it was first available, but I wanna get a few listens in before I comment on it. There's definitely some songs on here that I love.

Here's an article I just found... http://ronnettecox.com/2014/02/13/indie-sound-behind-kel-spencers-new-album-lndnwud/

Indie Sound: Behind Kel Spencer’s New Album “LNDNWUD”

Another part of surrounding myself with art is actively seeking out creative friends, people who inspire me, people I learn so much from. I need that! Its like air for a creative mind, so I would like to share these great people with you and I hope you receive them well!

So it seems today is Hip Hop day on the site (see today’s Black History and Debate Posts ) in continuing the theme I’m excited to share dope new music with you all!

(off the top some of my favorite tracks are “Blue & Green” and the tongue twisting “SANCUBROOKLYDELPHIA”)


Kel Spencer, whom I’ve known for a number of years now is a really talented dude and not in the “I’m writing a blog post about him so I have to say that way” NO! If you’ve ever noticed he’s at the side of this site 24/7. I appreciate real creators, he’s not only a rapper but an actor, writer, teacher and of course self-proclaimed “warriorpoet”.

A couple of weeks ago I was blessed to be among a select few to listen to Kel’s latest project LNDNWUD. Featured in the Bet Music Matters series and on MTV’s Sucker Free he’s been pretty busy but I connected with him long enough to get some questions answered.

Check it out…


RC: What brought on the inspiration for this project? (The moment you thought to make this a project about East New York?)

KS: I’m a visual dude. And there was a time when most albums were themed around something visual. Not necesarilly a movie but a concept that could be seen, even if only by imagination. With the Barclay’s Center, and Adam Yauch Park, and The East New York Classic becoming one of the top 3 summer tournaments in the city, and more… Brooklyn has been a Hot Topic as of late. I figured, I’d add to it by inserting a theme based project focused on my part of Brooklyn, Brownsville/East New York.

RC: Ok, Cool. Why the name LNDNWUD?

KS: There’s a Diner in East New York called The Lindenwood Diner. It’s symbolic in many ways so I used that as the flag-ship for the movement. I actually, released a Trailer which gives a vivid description and background of the whole set up.

RC: I’ve always past it but never eat there, I gotta try it. But moving on; what’s your favorite song on this Album? Collaboration? & Line?

KS: My favorite song is probably “Blue & Green Ball” featuring Lydia Caesar and produced by DJ Static. But my favorite line is probably from Zone C and kinda sums up the mindset of the average East New Yorkian it goes:

Where I’m from it ain’t a whole lot of in-come so when it come-in it’s hard to ration out/ First chance we get to put that potato on the gas pedal we mashin’ out


RC: Favorite moment of making this album?

KS: The listening party. I have a blog www.WarriorPoetBK.com and the people who subscribe to it are my closest supporters. So when I had the project at about 70% done, I hosted a listening party where I invited the first 100 people to respond and I did it in 4 sessions of about 25 people per session. I fed them, gave out champagne and soft drinks and walked them through my entire process. I had them comment on songs and give feedback and so on. For example, the song “Church” now has organs in the track ONLY because someone at the listening party suggested it. That day was hands down, my favorite part of making this album.

RC: I don’t remember gettin’ Champagne but…What do you hope people get from it?

KS: A cleaner look at Urban Experience and Balance. We’re in a time where some people are keeping it way too real and a lot of stuff that people think are cute are really to our own detriment. In no way do I want to forget where I come from but I want to give people a view into the hood through a slightly different lens. A lens that is more balanced and without giving away too much of the project, I try to be that Balance.

RC: Amen. Do You Censor Yourself? Did you write anything and then decide it was too much?

KS: Nope. lol

RC: Lol

KS: I believe the home should be the ultimate place of censorship. Media is designed to push the limit. And they will push as far as society’s morals will let them. As long as the morals and ethics of our own homes are all over the place, then we can’t really hold The Media or the censoring powers accountable.


RC: Hmm we’ll have to get back to that topic another day. For now let’s focus on the album. Why the decision to drop the album for free ?

KS: Because I’m Kel Spencer and only those who care, care. There is a mixtape dropping every single day. There are 3 dozen videos being posted to WSHH [world Star Hip Hop] every single day. I’m blessed enough in my journey to be an emerging brand and not just a rapper. So I don’t mind positioning myself in the market place in an advantageous way that can allow me to give music away in lieu of selling the rest of my brand. There will also be some music coming that will have to be purchased but at the onset, I want to give people the option, especially since the market is so flooded.

RC: You have a video discussing your feelings on giving up music? Talk about that a little and what brought that on and has feelings changed? etc.

KS: Yeah, it’s called “A Hard 9″ Pause lol. And it pretty much speaks for itself. There’s creation of art and then there’s the business of art. There are certain frustrations that come with the business of art and I’m not so sure that I want to deal with those things for much longer. I have a plan that I will finish but while working this plan, I will make my decision on my next step.


RC: Ok, I know those frustrations well! You’r keepin’ it pretty vague. What’s Next For You?

KS: I think I just answered that, my dear lol!! Well, I’m looking forward to what being a BET Music Matters artist means. I want to see what this will be about. And I’ve played a couple of roles in films that will be in film festivals this year so I can’t wait to see how that will play out. And my Pens Of Power program is growing and there are some dope writers and poets and emcees coming out of that as well so I’m just Blessed and looking forward to growth.

RC: So I hear you’re about to become a professor? Talk a little about that.

KS: Yes. I was approached by 2 schools here in NY to teach Hip Hop Linguistics and The business of Hip Hop. That should be dope. It was the growth of my Pens Of Power program that attracted their eye and it feels good that someone at my age is respected enough by decision makers in education to play that type of role. I’m feeling good about it.

Hit Here to download the entire new album LNDNWUD for free or buy the deluxe edition ►
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KS doing big things nice find aj

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i been keeping this mixtape in rotation on my mp3 player lately, ks is definately one of the top inspirations for me to stay in the game

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i'm bumping this thread up 'cause i wanted to say that i played that mixtape more than a lot of albums in 2014, KS needs to keep up the great work, real recognizes real

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