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New album might come out by christmas

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"just programmed the music, laid the vocals, mixed the record and burned a CD on my laptop in my hotel room. I am like 'Wow!' that it has come to a point with technology that I was mixing a song with my headphones on the plane flying back here" ... if u want 2 make nice cheap pop songs, u should take a computer/ Laptop and play with the mouse, but if u want to make something called Hip Hop, u should take time and sit down in a studio with profesionell Hardware Equipment... where do u get da samples? Where do u find perfect drum samples without drumcomputers? For producing, he should ask Jeff or other catz from A touch of jazz, or other nice guys like Jay dee, madlib 4 beatz... Will's rhymes are still nice!
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Its actually only 5 months away (sorry that was my bad), but we will here a new song b4 then, so we will prob here his first single in a bout 4 months, thats not long at all.

The rest of this year is gonna be so cool, I, Robot to keep us busy 4 a while, then soon after its sharktale with hopefully a song on that, so the time is just gonna fly by.

:dancingcool: :dancingcool: :dancingcool:
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If he only releases one album in December he should either release another album with the unreleased songs like Nas did with "The Lost Tapes"! :werd: Hey it wouldn't be a bad idea for him to do a Christmas song on there since not many rappers make Christmas songs! :dancingcool: :kekeke: Edited by bigted
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More news about the album:

It seems more likely he'll release an album as he talks about it more. I can't wait til christmas! :dancingcool: Edited by spin
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Great!! Thanx for the link!! This is all good news!!! This new album [b]will[/b] be worth the wait!! I can feel it!!!

I think enuff people already think Will is corny as it is!!! I don't think he should do a christmas song!!

But you never know........He has done [b]Summertime[/b] and then he did [b]Willenium[/b] maybe on this album we'll have [b]Chrismith[/b]!!! :bowrofl: :rofl: :bowrofl:
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I'm tired of this Christmas talk in July..
Could just say, December, not christmas..

anyway, glad to know Will has made up his mind..Now we waitin 4 da date..
i hope it won't be christmas day.....

P.S. i think Will should do a chrstmas song too..with jada, and trey
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Rapper-turned-actor Will Smith is planning a return to the music world with a new album this Christmas. The rapper's last album, Born To Reign, was released in 2002, and now he's back in the studio working on another project after completing work on his eagerly-anticipated movie I, Robot. He tells Teen People, "I'm recording now and looking to put something out around Christmas. Generally what I do with my career is kind of like (playing) Double Dutch - when you're waiting outside the rope until you see a good opening. Now feels like a good time."

all this talk about christmas..you guys have obviously forgotten about [url="http://www.jazzyjefffreshprince.com/audio/christmas.mp3"]this![/url]
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