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  1. .. probably u want 2 show everybody how dope ur equipment is.. I would prefer some artwork 4 a cover.. just by the way: where are the differences between this cd turntable n vinyl? Would be cool if u could give me some advantages.. I mean, I don't have da money 4 this stuff n I don't think dat it beatz vinyl.. but can u give us a short review, vipa???
  2. Hip hop and it's oral expression "rap" have nothing 2 do with money.. it's all about the art, u know. Hip Hop was created by young men and women who were doin it 4 fun n cuz they felt 2 do it.. they were not doin it 4 money.. Nowadays a few Hip Hops get enuff money 2 live from there "hobby" cuz also normal people go and buy their stuff.. as long as this does not destroy the artform, I think that this is ok.. but when they play the "game" with the rules of the pop-business, they 4get about da original sense of Hip Hop and art in generell.. yo, n that's why I don't like them.. they might get respect from middle-class kids, but never from the hardcore activists n fans.. peace
  3. One of my favourite producers are: Ced Gee of ultramagnetic, Pete Rock, Kutmaster Kurt, Dan the automator, Jazzy Jeff and da whole atoj posse.. 45 King, extra pee, all da people behind the atcq productions, Kenny Dope, T-Ray, PMD .. u see, I like ruff uptempo and breaksbeats and on the other side soulful, jazzy smooth beats;-).. by the way: **** this clean pop-beatz by Kanye West!!! here in Germany I love beatz from all da old school producers.. Marius no1, Future Rock, Rick Ski, Zeb roc ski and of course from da one and only dreamteam: Stieber Twins.. Peace
  4. lower bavaria.. bull**** area.. .. n u?
  5. I would say that Flash's "adventure on the wheels of steel" is incredible and a all time classic, but Flash was up 2 date from about 1980 to 1983.. then he was overwheeled by lotz and lotz of new DJs.. the big battles started in 1984/85.. first an era of east-coast legends.. Jazzy Jeff, Cheese, Cash Money and so on.. then all da turntablism era started with Stevie dee.. Flash's techniques were 2 simple and 2 boring even in the late eighties.. I mean, he got mad respect 4 developin his style in da kitchen hahaha, and he was da king of cuttin and made djing popular here in Europe, but in fact, his record boy da grandwizard theodore should even diserve more creditz 4 developin da first scratches.. nowadays I would more prefer 2 see afrika bambaataa or some other Djs from back in da days as Grandmaster Flash.. his shows made da impression that he's doin it more 4 da money than 4 Hip Hop.. I read an interview, 2, were he said that he didn't join da movie "scratch" (check this incredible documentary on DVD!!) cuz he expected more money 2 for him, 2 be showed in this film.
  6. soundz dope... no mainstream features..
  7. If we are talkin about old JJFP stuff, I would say "live at union square".. this routine is simple incredible even today.. this dance 2 da drummers beat transformin.. incredible.. On newer JJFP stuff Jazzy is keepin it much more simple.. technicaly (and I just love technique (?)!!) Pump me up is much more better than I wanna rock.. both are good but I think Jeff rips da beat on pump me up.. ..if we talk about modern scratch style jeff is doin it's masterpiece on dis roots single called "the next movement".. not 2 4get this very experimental style on this song called "Jazzy Jeff theme" from a Masters at Work album (1997??) If u are in2 Dj, things like "pump my brakes" are more or less boring.. just chirps all da time.. Jeff's album is straight on a very high level.. I would even say that he's da best on Break it down.. Peace
  8. yo, bigted.. I think ur 1 is the most realistic 1 here.. My top 5 is: 1. Kool Keith 2. Blastmaster Krs 3. Del from Hieroglyphics/ Gorillaz 4. Masta Ace 5. Maybe Guru In fact, I'm not that one who is really into emcing.. well, I can tell u .. this guy soundz dope.. this guy has a cool technic.. this guy has a message 4 me and so on.. but I can't rank them.. it's just how much recordz I have from each artist.. and yes, Big Ted.. I think underground rips up Hip poppers easily.. Kanye West, dmx, Fabolous, Dr. Dre.. I mean, well, Dr. Dre beatz are rough, but this people as favourite emcees? Or always stuff like "2pac and biggie smalls were da best of all time" and so on.. I mean, I can't tell u that they were not good, but I don't like them just of da fact that they were sellout.
  9. I don't know.. redman's early stuff is incredible.. nowadays he's a lil bit sell out.. Christina Angilera (I really don't know how 2 right this name), well, that is just pop music.. or "rockwilder".. I don't know, I don't like such stuff.. I saw Tim Dog last week.. really a big suprise that he was comin 2 Germany 4 1 gig.. but 4 me, he was one of da most charismatic rappers I I have ever seen live on stage.. really really dope show.. he's not da best rapper but he has style.. I like that.. When it comes 2 emcees who really rip the ****.. who always rock da instrumental or da spot.. I would choose: Lord Finesse (a lil bit better than Biggie smallz I would say hahaha), Blastmaster krs, Kool Keith, Del tha funkee homospaien,.. Masta Ace.. I don't how old he is, but I'm sure that he is in his mid thirtys, and he's still battlin new jackz at freestyle battles.. probably there are houndreds of talents out there.. I'm from a small village in da south of Germany.. I can't know them all.. Melle Mel is also still doin his thing.. like a never endin "old school style" maschine pistole.. I think Nas is also cool, but I would never like 2 go 2 a concert, cuz da room is full of 13-16 year old wannabe gangstas.. For me, an true emcee must not just sell dope lyrics on wax, but he must also be able 2 rock da crowd.. what I really hate or those one's who just presentin me their last album like "yo, this track is called blablabla.. " ..then da instrumental beginz.. after this song, there's one more time a break and so on.. but I want 2 see/feel a show.. steady rockin.. dj's spinnin and cuttin da recordz.. it's ok, if da mc is presentin a few of his songz, but I more like freestylin a lil bit and if it's just games with da people.. I love it when rappers come down 2 da people and walk through da crowd.. when they ask da breakers 2 come on stage.. A true emcee is, who also bring me not just party trackz but also messages.. I must feel energy..
  10. all this young people out there are just gettin hyped with dnb.. I say: The real music 2 dance 2 is house.. I still don't get the album, but I think I will check the vinyl edition first.. I need money:-(
  11. Is Redman on the track? I think I read about it a few month ago!
  12. .. it's becomin better this days in Germany... my summertime classics, u know, all that songs which really feels like a hot summer afternoon.. .. summertime .. jazzy jeff fresh prince in full effect.. Just kickin it, this boy is smooth.. all jjfp summerjams ..then: Rob Base DJ EZ rock.. break of dawn Kool and the Gang .. summermadness Masta Ace n his posse .. the whole sittin on crome album Eric B n Rakim .. what's on ur mind Youngstas.. Hip Hop ride plus remix.. "comon and let me take u on a hip hop ride" :dancingcool: Souls of Mischief .. 93 til infinity.. make ur mind up.. even everything from da til infinity lp and from da no mans land lp Also it is mainstream.. Warren g .. Regulator.. this dj miami bass style 4 crusin in ur car... ... can't wait 4 summertime... peace
  13. Artifacts .. wrong side of the tracks Krs one's Return of da Boom Bap Video.. Jazzy Jeff Fresh Prince.. I wanna rock/Brand New Funk .. 3 videos, 5 elements.. what do u need more??? :dancingcool:
  14. pure trash... first this Ludacris production.. now this remix by Lil John.. I doubt that I will buy the album. I always got mad respect 4 fresh prince and so on.. I always liked his music.. I still listen 2 Code Red and I will always love JJFP, but how can Big Willie go this way? I always thought that he's about music and Hip Hop, as he said in his last interview, right? Nas said that JJFP where the mixtape kingz in da mid 80ies.. JJFP is classic, but when I hear a Will Smith remix by lil John I think it's time 2 stop now. peace
  15. There are two possibitlies: 1. You don't recognize a scratch cuz the dj is cuttin a beat on point with the other record... 4 example he's scratchin a snare at da same time u hear the snare from the other record or 2. He's listenin 2 the record which u don't hear cuz u can crossfade it the way that just one track is pumpin out his speakers.. he's tryin 2 listen 2 the scratch he's doin in "silence" ova his headphones or he's just "warmin it up" 2 cut into the other track the next moment.. .. it's hard 2 explain, u know, I thought it's magic, too, but it's just skills! peace
  16. Well, party people in the house.. one of the first things u learn when u are young is that u shouldn't judge about somebody is lookin. U can never live in harmony when it's about dissin people who have not an athletic body as u have. This guy was talkin about his impression of switch and he didn't like it.. can't u accept dat? If the only reaction is 2 diss him with senseless stuff like u did, the really stupid one is u! Eyplain 2 him why u like switch.. cuz of da bangin beat or cuz of da lyrics, which come straight of da heart of Will Smith, however.. And also 2 know about Hip Hop has nothing 2 do with how u look like.. should he where a baseball cap like 50 cent? Should he were timberland boots? Lifestyle has 2 do with Hip Hop, but da advantage of da hip hoppa is that there are no rules about that. I also don't think dat most of u do really know about Hip Hop history.. 2 know Krs one, PE and JJFP has nothing 2 do with bein an expert! When u don't like his statement tell him why u think he's wrong. I also would tend 2 say that JJFP wouldn't call him a fatass..
  17. Well, fact is that Will was always dissin gangsta rap and I can tell u that I'm with dat! Now he's askin 4 a beat from a so called "gangsta rapper".. well, his lyrics turned out well, I really like his lyrics.. much better than the game.. two different levels, no doubt. But how can he ask 4 a beat from da game, or however this guy is called, when he has something against this guys. I mean.. he could also ask 4 a nice DJ Premier Beat.. would also fit perfect. Than, Snoop doggy dogg is also himelf calling a gangsta.. why is he down with dat guy? I always like da Fresh Prince 4 being himself, but dis has nothing to do with it!! What is also strange.. back in da days gangsta rap wasn't so bad.. Ice T, Ice cube, smooth dr. dre beatz from da early nineties.. warren g.. all dis guys where true musicians, u can have something against their lyrics, but they had something like a message! I think it was ok 2 have something against their "hard way" of critizism, but 2 be down with snoop dogg nowadays.. one of da main reasons, why Hip Hop is not seen as a peaceful culture, but as a way of life who has 2 do with porn industry.. well, I don't think dat this make sense!!! In 93 this lines in "lookin 4 the one" where exactly 4 people like snoop dogg.. now big will is makin money with him! Da Fresh Prince is from da first generation after the old school.. now he's laughin about dis time, he's laughin about Schooly D or Just Ice as like "well, back in da days.. when we were young.. how where this guys called.. schooly d.." comon Fresh Prince, u are exactly from da same time! I don't know, but I have the impression dat the people at this forum are always turnin it that way, that their big idol "Will Smith" is doin the right thing and that all his stuff is good.. even everybody in here, except AJ and one or two others. Most of u are listenin 2 Will Smith and 1 or 2 other artists and think they know everything about Hip Hop. I don't know everything about it myself, but sure is that it is more important 2 make good music/to tell the trues and not as important 2 sell 1 million albums.. so there is no reason 2 talk about it all the time.. peace freshstecki
  18. yo, that photos are really really great.. incredible dat they are kickin it also 20 yearz later. :dj:
  19. Why should I forget about the past when I can't stand the present stuff?? I don't know, well, this Will interview with Tim Westwood, well, I definitly like it.. will freestyle, doesn't matter if it was pre-written, was dope stuff, but I can't stand this club beatz and I can't stand Ludacris.. I also can't understand Will smith.. I think he always known dat this Ludacris stuff is crap, but he still think dat this name is sellin.. it's not about makin money 4 big will, but it's about being popular.. Just by the way.. have u never heard other beatz? Somebody was talkin about diamond d.. yes, I talk about diamond d, showbiz, pete rock, jay dee from slum village and 100 other dope producers who have real skills.. why does big will not ask Jazzy Jeff.. Jazzy would make something on a different level.. I'm really lookin 4ward 2 the jazzy jeff track, it's the first track of the album, right?
  20. yes, daz right man.. they all got busy with other stuff.. like.. "ok, when I was younger I was down with dat Hip Hop stuff.. now I have 2 study or something".. all this hobby Hip Hop listeners which become older now..or can u remeber this sucka called cebell?? uhh dis guy was a fool.. But I really really support u! Where are u from? I'm from da south of Bavaria.. u know.. lower bavaria, just farmers n CDU supporters in this place;-).. My impression of u is that u are a lil bit 2 crazy about JJFP stuff.. u must be also a lil bit more interested in other artistz.. just what I'm thinkin. There is more stuff in Hip Hop history which should be interestin 4 u.. peace!! freshstecki
  21. Happy Birthday man! Much respect 4 representin JJFP truely! I can remember ur action at mzee.. dat was def! One love Fresh Stecki
  22. oh yeah.. I don't no, but I think there are really stupid people on this board.. comon.. "soundz like chingy".. comon man, how old are u? 14 and watchin mass media everyday.. wake up and let me tell u that there is something about "skills".. u know HIPHOP.. droppin knowledge 2 other people.. always tellin the truth.. havin fun by doin something useful!! HIPHOP is not about a hotelroom with honeys, u know!! U know, one guy wantz 2 have money (like Chingy) and the other guy wantz 2 make art.. livin his culture (like Opio or any other intelligent rapper, intelligent DJ, intelligent breaker, intelligent aerosol artist.. philosophas, producers).. just by the way.. Is it possible that Opios LP isn't avaible on vinyl? Because I checked all my fav record mailorderz and just find it on cd.. but I buy it as soon as it is out on wax! Much respect 2 all people Hiero.. the last long player waz also perfect, although I love the solo stuff from Del and Souls of Mischief more.. Does anybody know what happened 2 Extra Profilic? Are they out of Hiero? There is also a Opio feat. on their only ablum.. a really really fantastic track.. "now what".. :ali: peace
  23. nice nice nice.. I love it, when Jeff is playing house.. ah yes.. tim.. ur signature.. or however this is called.. with opio.. yes, daz incredible!! I will buy his new album during the next days!
  24. yo defcem.. exactly da same happened 2 me 3 times durin the last 3 yearz. Last time I had 120 mp3s.. downloaded durin one year... damn, this was really really hard. Luckily I already have most of da stuff on vinyl.. nobody can take it away now.. just a needle, which is scratchin diagonal ova da wax;-) Well, n 2 da guy who want 2 have the Love at Nassau Colloseum performance.. go n check da Girls ain't nothing but trouble 88 single with Brand New funk stuff on da b-side... there's also a nice instrumental of Brand New Funk there, where Jeff is mixin it with cutz from Peter Piper :thumb: Peace
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