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Ok now its:

1. Schnazz

2. renagade_tim

3. Its JP

4. J-o-e

5. kbfprince

6. Fresh-Ta-Def


8. MpenA

9. GScotty2410

10. Jazzy Julie (If it takes place after the 15th!)

11. madblock167

12. Hero1

13. Jonny 5 (If it takes place after the 16th)

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i hope its renigade tim vs mad block 1st round

and mad block wins

cuz hes juss bein a jerk will is ill is right

hes bein to cocky over nuttin like he is this bigtime rapper and is mad good adviouslly mad block is good and is jokin round inm that battle page and is baitin tim so he puts a bad rap in 1st round and madblock can sh!t

watch im right im gunna laugh

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