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1. Schnazz

2. renagade_tim

3. Its JP

4. J-o-e

5. kbfprince

6. Fresh-Ta-Def


8. MpenA

9. GScotty2410

10. Jazzy Julie (If it takes place after the 15th!)

11. madblock167

12. Hero1

13. Jonny 5 (If it takes place after the 16th)

14. Lerkot

15. Chief

16. Djsilvertiger

17. cataboy3

18. mizery da kid/ aka day day

This is who we got so far! Anybody else who wants to enter better do so quickly! The deadline closes 2mro! In the meantime, EVERYBODY refresh themselves of the rules!

JJFP Forum Battle Rules

We don't want anybody saying they they lost as a result of not reading the rules properly!

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