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  1. yo u a gurl accepting sh*t be a man and get angry dis i smore competitve den football its rapppin and for da record u can promote urslef to make ppl take a double look and his record was fire
  2. actually my opioion of will i like him as a actor and as a person but as a rapper he aint soo hott
  3. i did i said come harder hey man what comes around goes around u guys said my rhymes was wak for no reason but hey im tellin it like it is so MADBLOCK
  4. sike pena killed it he is a reel battler and even though i should be in da second ri cant wait to see him in da third
  5. i think da rhymes weree wack i turly do.. u need to ocme harder
  6. both weak verses but shcnazz lost when he said dis "I'm like Santa Claus, giving rhymes to good girls and boys You're nothen but a Grinch, trying to steal all of my toys" brakes ur good but u need to use more metaphors nah mean slang metapohrs
  7. hahahah not sike nah it was funny cus of the camera angle and dat fat kids was hilarious
  8. yea thnx for mt two votes i appreciate da support
  9. beastie boys aint rap dey made jokes about penis and **** they were helluh funny but as far as rap dey were a joke
  10. im serious and my rhyme was better y cant u guys accept dat i can accept defeat but dis isnt defeat dis is stupididty....ur rhymes is weak i slayed u if we was really battlin like face to face i guess then u would realiz how wack ur rhymes were
  11. frist off tupac aint dead evryone knows that plus u know dis is fake its all been fake since they said he went to africa i bet he comes back some time in da near future and makes a dam movie or sumthin bout the world with out chapelle stuff has been crazy since his alias
  12. i bet u those kid would rip some of u ppl onn theese forums in a battle
  13. technically whites are minotrites bacaue they arent originals of america plus they are not becuase latinos in america are spreading and that is makingtes now a minority..... i think mobb deep will sell more because they are reele good dey spit fire but they are hardly ever on tv u never seen dem in videos or on rap city or 106 and park and not to mention trl now that they are in G-unit the most commerical u can become i htikn there record cell will go up by introducing them to new white fans
  14. my rhymes was way better any real rap/hip hop perosn can see dat and it was clear u didnt have to translate it but watever man....see ur one of those guys who use wack nursery rhymes man grow up with it
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