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  1. it was all out of funn kno one took it seriously
  2. plzz dat **** was corney man u called me a fag in every line
  3. ey dis dudes form da uk ur sure ur not gay i took a look back and like cooked crack i said A dey jokes was mad bologni and i spelled dat wrong u fony's i sick sayin Im a G but it is wat it is page seven is mine just f*ck u otha kids wait till da torney ima bust ya ass now back to da past somebody said i was upsest wit sex i use da techs dey da best its all over now... see u in da torney
  4. dat rhyme was week come get on dat one
  5. i dont copy lines kanye i move da kan-ye(hahahahah) he stole from me buddy cant u see my rhymes is hot just like ya block afta i come through i take ya timbos and rub dem in dodo butt enuff of me i ready waitin to see a rhyme for u i dont look past ur first line dam ya sh*t is week are you past ur peek? are you freshout? i suggest u pop in ya favorite CD and take note of what i tote rhymes is like a mack pack so i can clack clack clack and dden ur gone joe i do say ur actual name come at me when ur not lame buddy madblock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. ummmm u stole dat rhyme buddy
  7. Yo u say my rhymes is whack and u aint gonna reply we all know that u juss scared deep down inside..is it because u saww me at ur gurls house da otha night...matter a fact u should ask i was dooin sumfin in her house....buhh if u really wanna know i had my eggroll and dumplins in her mouth....ayo i juss kiilt know do u wanna reply alll da renegades is lil gurls dat always cry...bit*chin bout dumb sh*t while im rippin ma clips...cuz when i start clappin u betta stop rapin cuz ima put u to shame u are know fired from dis game. Madd Blokc 167
  8. ey im dat dude dese fools da renegades can get easily sprayed i aiant commercial my dude im da deal in da field ima blast u through ya skully cap and ima hold my fitted cap back cus i stay strapped hop ff my stick i dissed u now u wanna flip sh*t ur rhymes is corney u bore me im yawin in ya face do u smell da mornin taste its smells sh*tty like ya rhymes back up back up rewind badcock167 whos is dat get it str8 madblock167 holdin it down always when u see my names dis u hold ya head up cus if u a star ima galaxy trigga one smirk will merk all ya personalites trigga!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mad block f*ck renagades
  9. i aint even gotta rhyme to diss u yall all gay
  10. ffc ey gurl if u gunna come back at come back harder i dont want any sumblimminals dats just gay i want reel disses
  11. fo da renagades and both of ya fans yall probbaly homless homos holdin big white fans i will slay all u cats on da lyrical tip manniose colored benz i push miracle whips i will serve u fools put u on a skillet while ya moms is givn me anotha shiznit ima g buddy dont cross da yellow tape befire make ya whole face muddy my rhymes is better den all da renagades havin a fag fight i can laugh wen i say cus i aint afriad to spray it! wen da mack 11 goes out ya momma pull her t*tties out nah meen Mad Block
  12. i think tim's pretty gay he like to play wit his dad's balls fondlin dem like dey were walls man u suck and freestlyin and ur wildin if u think u can beet dis G mad block ready to skeet on ur feet wit my long tuba wen i pull it out ill make ur gurl screem oo dats a big barracuda in her tooshi next i more to her gushy gushy yer her p*ssy.................... think twice
  13. ey yo dis kids sick like pena and g-scotty and im probably the isllest u ever heard in da hood on da suberbs dat kid sux pepe dats y he cant ryme but im hot like kewi not lime
  14. [ey gill ya skill is wack stop suckin crack and im black but im stracked witt chedda hold my baretta while i squeeze da chedda out of my hand holdin da can on stan
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