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Bow Wow Claiming he's more "Real" than Will!?


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wow, i've never liked bow wow. i really would like to hear the reason why he thinks he's real. well, he proved that he doesn't know anythin about real rappers and respect for the oldskoolers who paved the way for lil suckers like him. what a shame...

JJFP Rock The House

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Please Guy`s calm down..

This is not true.Firts of all he just say`d IN A REAL INTERVIEW that Will is one of his Idols s a Rapper.And if he would say something like that he would mention Snopp i think.And i know that Bow Wow and 50 aren`t cool.

And i could go on and on...

This sounds like something a fand of him made up..

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He didn't mention his ghostwriter Jermaine Dupri either, he always kisses JD's butt in all of his interviews so this might not be authentic but it doesn't matter if he said it anyway, maybe if he was putting out anything that appeals to adults then maybe I'll take his opinion serious, he wasn't born when JJFP were first on the scene anyway.

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Kind of cool that people on the IC defends Will.

Check this

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Yeah it's dope how people're backing up Will there, these quotes explain it all right here, the whole rap industry could ether Bow Wow, every rapper except 50 Cent, Mase, Mobb Deep and the G Unit groupies is more "real" than him he should just go there with all those wack rappers, his rhymes are garbage that he doesn't even write, I think everyone on this board could beat him in a battle:

"Hmmm lets see Will Smith is a big time movie star worth over $100 million and bow wow is a rapper whose probably made $5,000 in his career.

Poor Will"

"Yep, he's hardcore, thats why he collabed with Ciara and Omarian. He no bubble gum rapper, nope."

"Call me when Bow Wow write a better verse then Will Smith. This cat is so gassed rite now it's crazy. He really think he's hard and I hope that thought don't get him shot in his face somewhere acting like he's real or been thru something other than dancin wit Jermaine."

"bow wow is full of s***"

"The same person who has J.D. writing his rhymes. He need a tall glass of bleach on the rocks for saying that."

'Someone is washing his brain and making him do this…

Or its another poor effort to come out of that “lil bow wow” image and trying to pretend to be "hard" or "grown"… I really don’t know what image they are trying to give him or he is trying to take on… but it isn't working.

He will never be played in my whip!

But to give Bow Wow the benefit of a doubt – maybe he is trying to say he and the folks he mentioned are the only ones selling and putting up big numbers

Which is very true but very fckn sad!!!" :word: :rofl: :bowdown:

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If some of you actually care so much about whether Bow Wow said it or not buy the new issue of XXL, I personally don't really give a damn, this guy probably wants to be "50 Cent Jr." and diss other rappers while making songs for 14-year old girls, Will needs to shut all of these immitators down so they could lose all their fame, 5 years from now they'll be begging Will for a role in his films and a guest appearance on his albums to ressurect their dead careers. :word:

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Yeah some people really know how to hate but in reality though their punchlines are better than anything I've heard from Bow Wow, he should pay them to be his ghostwriters! :gettinjiggywitit: :rofl: There should be a rule where nobody under 18 years old should be signed to a record deal 'cause they all suck, FP and LL were the exception though sorta like how most young basketball players can't ball except for Lebron and Kobe.

"And Parents Just Don't Understand>>>>>>>>. Bow Wow taking another breath in his meaningless life"

"Bowwow has no right to talk.

He was still a stain in his daddy's underpants when Will was Fresh Prince." :word:

I posted it over on the Public Enemy board and there's more positive feedback for Will:



"Idiot doesn't know his hip hop history. No-one should underestimate the importance of the Fresh Prince's contribution to making hip hop a mainstream entity. There may not have been a Kanye West without a Will Smith."

"What's more, Bow wow wasn't writing those songs before. A couple of years ago, his mom's boyfriend was ghostwriting 4 him. Bow wow's getting a little 2 big 4 his britches"

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