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Bow Wow Claiming he's more "Real" than Will!?


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hes just following the trend of todays generation where its supposibly "cool" to diss Will Smith. Please, before Bow Wow was making sing-along tapes in his house under the name "Kid Gangsta", he was watching Fresh Prince re-runs. Another little punkass who thinks he knows what hes talking about but I strongly advise him to shut the **** up. Real? Please, kid your from Columbus OHIO! At 18 years old, how bad could your life been? Okay yeah you opened for Snoop...big woop. Simply put, you wouldnt be here today without Will.

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Yeah this ain't really surprising, most of the youth today have no love for the ol' school artists that paved the way for them. I was thinking that Bow Wow had some potential to be a better mc since he said he looks up to Will but now that he says he looks up to 50 Cent I lost whatever lil' respect I had for him, he hasn't made an album better than "Born To Reign" let alone "Lost and Found" and he never will, he said that Will ain't real but hey if it wasn't for Will Bow Wow and any of these other punk asses that diss Will wouldn't have any role in films like they do now. I think he's only made a handful of good songs anyway at this point. He's probably trying to join the G Unit bandwagon and start making gangsta rap albums, that wouldn't surprise me, btw I remember 50 Cent dissin' Bow Wow in "Wanksta" sayin' that "he got guns bigger than Bow Wow".

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Well after Vanilla Ice rap became pop music. There are some rappers out there: (Biz markie, Will (and I'm not just saying that because I'm a fan), pete miser, jazzy jeff, wu-tang)

here are my resons:

*Biz Markie = Still raps, dosen't care about record sales, talks about the old school with pride, uses the old beats (see track 9 on weekend warrior and then see wild style)

*Will = you know why but just to state agian: Dosen't curse in records and is proud to say it, can keep a woman for more than a night, OWNS yes OWNS entertainment at the current time (Michael Jackson handed down the privlige to him, and no hater can deny that!)

*pete miser = small local rapper from brooklyn, he really is great, he addresses stuff such as what's happening in the world, and raps about how rap really is and his struggle just to make a record (has a great song called table scraps here is a verse : "I know you got plenty food/ but I'll make due/with the table scraps/ you don't even see/ what you got for free/ its a meal for me/ table scraps" (see petemiser.com)

*jazzy jeff = makes records and don't go commercial, works the clubs like a regular DJ and is damn good at it.

*Wu-Tang = group that did the album wu-tang forever without the help of the radio, no single, no nothing and they made it a great selling album (see wu-tang manual), also they used the whole kung-fu mythology and re-released kung-fu movies in the states.

but back to bow wow...........(that was a rant) but anyway....... bow wow doing this is like "SEALK" who said he was a vanilla ice fan and he has the albums now saying he hates him (which is okay because people can change their opinions) but if he said "I never liked him", "I never brought his cd's", stuff like that is just stupid. that is what bow wow is doing

p.s. no disrespect to SEALK I just remembered the thread where you mentioned you were a fan, no disrespect, just using the example.

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Bow Wow follows everybody when it's time to rap, he even admits that he has Jermaine Dupri and TI write most of his rhymes for him, he ain't an mc, bottomline, he's just another pop rap gimmick that only has lil' girls think he's the greatest but when they get older they'll think that he's wack and his career'll be over, lol. I mean this kid makes Eminem sound like KRS-ONE and y'all know how much I don't like Eminem.

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That's crazy. It's hard 4 me 2 believe that Bow Wow said that tho.' I always thought he had better taste and more smarts than 2 say and think something like that. I don't think i'll bother believing this until i see a legit source.

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Looks like somebody needs to be reminded that they are never too old for a good ol fashioned butt whooping. And if Will would make a diss song to Bow Wow, call it "Switch (The Whoop Ya Ass Version)". :lolsign:

"Go out and get a Switch...

Turn over and I'm a hit it

Oh, ah ah ow!"

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i wonder what sparked Bow Wow to bring up Will. this almost kinda looks fake cuz it says Wil Smith instead of Will Smith. then he names 50 as a real rapper... and kinda disses Jay. i dunno what i should think... or if i should really care. just wave it off

but if Bow Wow really said that then i guess he's still young and immature. it's not like i ever really liked the guy so i can't say that i've lost much respect from him since there wasnt any to begin with

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