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Cool photos you've taken...

Jonny 5

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i remember the day i took this pic with my digi. camera in Vegas... i was leaning over a rail to get the best possible angle... lol i remember me also agreeing with my sister that the buildings look fake in this picture


That picture is pretty amazing actually. What kind of camera is it?

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I cant remmember the name of this building, but some dude named gaudi started it in 1882 and its not finished yet, it still needs 10 more towers.



it's the "Sagrada Familia" cathedral... It's just beautiful . It looks a bit like the facteur Cheval's Palais idéal in France. Ferdinand Cheval was an uneducated, unskilled mailman who was moved to build the palace of his childhood imagination after stumbling across one beautiful stone in the road. He was a mailman ("facteur" in French). He built it in 93 000 hours all alone. A few pictures:



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