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Cool photos you've taken...

Jonny 5

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this picture was taken on the baylands pretty much out in the middle of nowhere. i was on a bike ride and theres lots of these little ponds as you go on this 15 mile loop and some of them are clear blue and some of them are like this. unfortunately the pic quality is horrible and you cant see what color the water really is, it just looks dirty brown. it was actually this pinkish/brick red/brown color which was fascinating to me. my dad said he thought was the algae in the water that was turning it this weird color.

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Here is 61 Victory Boulevard in Staten Island. Now, if you have a copy of Liquid Swords (GZA) it says there is a Wu-Wear at this adddress. Well, that Wu-Wear has been closed for a long time and this barber shop took its place. If you look closely, above the parking sign, you can see a circle and little holes at the rim of the circle. That's where the Wu-Wear sign used to stand.


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