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Cool photos you've taken...

Jonny 5

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Here is me and Sean Connery.....................lookalike lol, its at my friends graduation ball, it was 007 themed.


Me and my fake money, i lost it all gambling in the casino.


And here we are in the executive box at Anfield (Liverpool football clubs ground). Im so posh its amazing haha.


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Great pics guys. Loving the pic at Anfield. Looks like your presenting on Sky Sports or something. Here's one of me looking abit smug for some reason filming at Glacier Bay in Alaska.


... and here is me dressed as a school nerd at a school disco night we had just before i left.


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A photo (slightly blurred and taken at the wrong time) of me and my old Uni pals all getting together for a Reunion weekend. Was tough getting everyone free for the weekend, we planned it 3 months in advance. Just played a 5-aside football match with our old teams. I was dead stiff afterwards it had been a while. Role on next year when the class of 2006 come together again.


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