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Cool photos you've taken...

Jonny 5

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here are my holiday pics from spain.

we created an exact replica of egypt in the sand lmao.


This is me in port aventura, after that photo was taken i went on the ride behind me, it was good.


me and my friend with shrek, i was very wet bcoz i had just been on the log flume, they definatly know how to do water rides over in spain, not like crappy british ones that dont get u wet.


This is a cat i met, behind him is the barcelona olympic stadium that was used in 92 lol.


I cant remmember the name of this building, but some dude named gaudi started it in 1882 and its not finished yet, it still needs 10 more towers.



and finally i found this drawing on a market and i was too cheap to buy it so i took a photo lol.


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Damn....that building is SAGRADA FAMILIA, sure most famous place in Barcelona. You visited the olimpic stadium but you should of visited FC Barcelona stadium, home of the European Champs :P

Hope you enjoyed the city, and remember sayin Barcelona is Spain is the same as saying Dublin is England :P

Did you visit the gothic neighborhood?

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lol i did visit the football stadium as part of the tour we went on, it wasnt that big. We were a bit bored so we messed about in the museum haha.

i actually stayed in salou in spain and just visited barcelona for the day, our tour guide told us about how most people there want to be part of catalunya (sp?) instead of spain or something.

i dont think i went to the gothic neighbourhood, we didnt have a lot of time. i went to the football stadium, olympic stadium, a hill so we could see the whole city, la ramblas and then the sagrada familia.

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cool pictures Julie!! I was in Salou years ago, it's a nice place.

I want to visit Barcelona too, but for the moment they are spanish like me :lol:

I've been in PAris this week, I'll post some pics later.

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