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I would say something along the lines of........... going to japan for a while, and then wandering japan and China just looking at whatever I see, no tour buses, just wandering the land.

next question: What is the most amount of money you have ever saved up for soemthing (rent dosen't count)

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when me and my friend got in a taxi to go home from the clubs, we told the taxi driver were to go and we sat back and chatted. The stupid thing was we didnt notice the taxi driver took us to the complete opposite of where we wanted to go bcoz he misheard us. We were about and hour and a half away from home and we didnt notice haha.

Whats the happiest moment of your life so far?

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Possibly passing my Driving Test with 2 minors, that was pretty sweet. Possibly getting my AS and A Level results, that was an awesome day.

Have you ever been in a situation, where you had to very very quickly come up with an AWESOME lie to avoid getting into big big trouble or embarrasment?

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