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Its just as simple as that

You answer the question truthfully then ask one to the poster after you.

Given your current situation, are you overall satisfied with your life? :stickpoke:

My whole life is an embarassment! :word: Just kidding I mean life is not too bad,

I guess but to say that I am satisfied with it I would mean me becomin a platinum

selling rap artist adn getting married to Tyra Banks .I guess noone is really satisfied with life,

because being satisfied comes at a spiritual level.

Next question:

What is your long term goal in life?( it dosent have to be one thing ) :yeah:

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My parents are pretty down to earth people. If i do some stupid shít then theres a reason for them to whoop my ass. Otherwise it's all good with my parents

Next Question:

What is your motivation to keep going in life?

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What is your motivation to keep going in life?

A Porsche, a great girl (nearly there :wiggle:), challenging yet highly paid occupation, possibly with my own company. Never having to worry...

Have you ever been REALLY inspired by a song/movie? How long have you been chasing that dream?

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ooh what a great question. yes, well ive been chasing my dream for about 10 years now (to be a veterinary nurse, im not fully trained yet) First off i was on my own without inspiration then when i heard shadow dreams, every line made sence, even about all those people that tell u not to follow the dream and even now i listen to it when im sick of studying or work. It picks me up again and i continue the fight, im nearly there with it now tho, hopefully a few months left. :gettinjiggywitit:

Then i read a book called the alchemist (Will mentions it on the concert dvd), its similar to shadow dreams in the form of a story and again makes sence.

Next question

Whats your biggest regret in life?

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the worst thing i did to a friend was get mad and rush them after they accidentally pushed me down. i got caught up in the moment and wanted to fight when they were sorry and wanted to make ammense. then the next day when i was informed they still wanted to be my friend, i did nothing and just let it be. finally a week later i apologized and we're cool now, but i think we should've apologized right on the spot.

Have you ever thought about comitting suicide or doing something to take the pain away when you were in a really stressful situation in life?

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Happiness. If i'm sad in my life i would take all my money in the bank and just give it away. Whats the point in living sad with loads of money. I'd rather be broke and happy that rich and sad.

Have you ever had a broken heart?

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