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Complete these Sentences

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Lost is when you rhyme 'til your throat gets sore

But you don’t even believe what you say no more :uhh:

Found is when you bleed heart into the mic

And the pain you sustain it can change a life :1-say-yes:

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Lost is ~ ppl held in bondage of negativity, bad habits and crippling mentalities all of which they choose to give power to the wrong spritual authorities in their lives...

Found is ~ ppl giving power to the right spiritual authority which enables them to capture a sense of self, and attune to/fulfill their purpose in life.

Found is also ~ people who possess a level of peace that surpasses the common man's understanding...



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Lost is the terrorists that're starting corruption

Eventually they'll get the punishment that's due to them

Found is the soldiers that die for us to be living

A moment of silence is what we give them

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Lost is dropping out of a school

And living off your parents

Found is having a positive attitude

And never getting fazed by discouragement

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Lost ~ Chasing Forever from my playlist when I did a system recovery on my pc last night ... :thatsux:

Found ~ a pm from a JJFP fan with Chasing Forever that strait HOOKED a sistah up! :word: LOL



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Strayed from the path of what is right.

Fallen in2 routine...not planting creative and adventurous seeds in life.

Fogetting who u are and where u came from.

Without goals and purpose.

Blind 2 truely living.






Beliving that following your dream can change the world.

Never settling for mediocrity.

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