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At 1st, i waz gonna say that there is no wrong way 2 discribe Lost + Found.  But it seems like a person or 2 here just doesn't get it.

:word: Talking about TV shows has nothin' to do with the "Lost and Found" concept, lol. In my 1st post I thought that we were quoting the song, lol, I'm gonna come up with another one here, great idea Tim, I might have to save some of mine for future use, lol:

Lost is when you say something without knowing the facts

Then getting embarassed when you realised you were wrong

Found is when you research to master your craft

And put that knowledge you learned into your song

Okay. :hmm: Shouldn't the person who started this topic confirmed on these points before? :smart:

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LOST is when your rhymes continue to sound the same


FOUND is when you are still fresh after 20 years in the game

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LOST is having nothing to rhyme about except sex, drugs, and violence


FOUND is when you create great music that can be considered timeless

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Lost is breaking all the promises

You were supposed to keep for your friends

Found is staying true to represent

Adding on more trust and commitment

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