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Was everyone like this in 3rd grade?


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The following is one of the various elementary school writing assignments of mine that I found while going through some papers yesterday. :wtf: The beginning in bold was the prompt, and the rest was straight from my 9 year-old mind (original spelling is intact)...

Did you miss me? I've been gone! I just went on the greatest trip ever. I went to Russia. I stayed there for one month. Well I was there, Larry Bird kept begging me to play one-on-one with him, so after a while, I just took him to the hotel I was saying in. We talked about it, and I agreed to play. I won him with a last second jumper. I told him he needed to work on reebounding. Onother highlight of the trip was when I met the presedent. The only down side of that was I could not pernounce his name. Oh, By the way, about Larry, He followed me on the plane. I also went to some magnifesent beaches. I walked around the beaches in the mourning so I saw the sunset. Ones, I was going out in the tide, and I started to drown. But luckley, the lifegaurds saved me. I was in too many newspapers and on the news. So I left on the first plane I could catch. I went to Hawii for a day. I got some suveneers, and I went home. Before that I hung out with Tom Cruise but that wasn't emportent. Thats all!

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some of the spelling takes me back to my childhood :smart:

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Well... I didnt write very much back then, especially not in english :p but once I did put together a litte sumthin sumthin. It was a picture of a writer called Jan Guillou whos known in Sweden for his controversial thoughts and his willingness to tell everybody about it...


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i'm sorry, but could one of you enlighten me on Tintin? i've never heard of that before. what is it?

It's about a boy who walks on the borderline of being gay and investigates outrageous crime mysteries and solves them with the help of a dog (which is also in the borderline of being gay :haha: ), two fumbling twins, a dramatic pirate, and few other hysterical characters. Wanna try it?

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