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Good evening.

I've known about this site for a fair bit and started checking in regularly a bit before "Lost and Found" came out. Big Will is definitely my favourite rapper and has been for some time...as a matter of fact, I bought "Lost and Found" the day it came out and now I listen to it at least once a week.

Anyway, I also happen to produce drum 'n bass music; you can find my music here. My latest tune is "I Missed Me", and the one before it is 1.5 years older than that one. I've only recently returned to producing music after buying FL Studio 5 and PSP Vintage Warmer a few months ago.

Anyway, I just happened to see that there was a "Party Starter" acapella for downloading, and it perfectly fit the motif of the song I was working on. So, yes, I'm working on a "Party Starter" remix called "Groovicide Bomber" (i.e. me vs. Will Smith), and it's going pretty well. It should be done in a few weeks.

Now, I'd stay and talk, but I have to go to bed in about one hour and do a few things before then. Until next time!

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