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JJFP reunite for 50 years of Hip Hop December 10 ×
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  1. I still can't believe im gonna miss this show! Damn! We need a show in North America!
  2. I think it would be smart to go with the festival route. No pressure to fill venues on their own. Big built in audience. It worked out great for OutKast last year. Festivals love the reunions shows over the last few years! Downside is that it wouldn't be a very intimate crowd.
  3. Man I was just thinking the same thing! Totally has that LL vibe! Great reintroduction for Will!
  4. Damn!!!!!!!!! I would have flown out east just for this! Neil Forester is the guy that books all of Jeff's Canadian shows
  5. Ok. I wasn't 100% sold with the first trailer but now IM IN! Looking forward to this one!
  6. That is some very exciting news. Hopefully we get to hear some new music out of this!
  7. I'm surprised we haven't seen a teaser released yet?!
  8. Strange. Normally January and February are dumping grounds for movies. Maybe they are hoping to have a strong Feb open with Will as the draw for the film Remember Hitch was a Feb open. Still, unfortunate to learn that we wont get Will on the screen in 2014.
  9. For some reason I thought the Rock with U was the only video shot for "The Magnificent"
  10. Oh yes. The incredible bongo band. Many consider this the first inspiration for hip hop. My favourite part of this story is the little known fact that is was recorded by session musicians in my home town of Vancouver, BC. I actually worked at the studio it was recorded at for a few mixing sessions before they tore it down a few years ago. Basically points to hip hops origins coming from Canada! Love it! Nardwaur (check out his youtube interviews if you've never heard of him) loves to point this little fact out to every hip hop pioneer that he interviews. Afrika Bambatta told him the label on the Vinyl was fake and that there was no way it wasnt recorded in new york. Haha. Little VanCity history lesson for yall! Here is a great article talking about the record in detail: http://blogs.vancouversun.com/2013/03/25/how-vancouvers-mushroom-studios-gave-birth-to-apache-the-national-anthem-of-hip-hop/
  11. Hey Nicole, Any weord on some more Canadian dates? Last time I saw Jeff and Skillz they mentioned coming back up north in the fall?
  12. Yes! Skratch Bastid is Canadian DJ Royalty!
  13. NIce! Canada in the fall! Jeff mentioned coming back to Canada in the Spring initially and I was hoping it was only pushed back. Looking forward to it. Thanks for the heads up Nicole!
  14. Agreed. He needs to switch up his flow! But he is young and the mixtape he put out shows that he has tons of potential
  15. He seems to be getting more into social media over the last few years with his facebook page. It seems logical that he will eventually drop something but I agree with Tim in that he has always been very careful and planned out with dropping new tracks.
  16. Listening to it now. Great Vibe. Some Classics on here!
  17. Yeah he was good people. Im glad to see some of the old crew from here got together for the show at the Jazz Cafe. Happy to see the JJFP movement alive!
  18. This was awesome! It was good to see him not completely rehash the same bars he's been spitting the past few years.
  19. Still holding out for a Vancouver date! Been about 5 years since Jeff been out here on the west coast!
  20. Darnell's nto working with Jeff anymore??? Thats sad to hear. He always took time out for all of us at the forum. Jeff's traveling through Canada now so hopefully I will get to see him if he makes it through to Vancouver.
  21. HE'S BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Man I love that these boards just lit back up with all the fans coming back here! I was on here about a month ago and it just didnt feel the same. Damn I'm excited!
  22. WOW!!! Those 2001 and 2003 pics bring back some memories. I remember the excitement of hearing about any news regarding jeff and will. Tim I too used to watch the so fresh "Making Of..." video over and over again :D
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