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Whose the Better Clean Rapper

Mase vs. Big Will  

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  1. 1. Mase vs. Big Will

    • Mase
    • Big Will

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Oh lawd...this has got 2 be one of the silliest posts ever. Mase has no flow and his lyrics have no fire 2 them. His newer stuff is better than his old, but he'll never even be and average rapper in my opinion.

I totally respect the way he flipped the script and cleaned up his lyrics tho'.

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I like a lot of Mace's stuff. He's not near Will's league, but I dig him non the less. Him making a big deal out of making a cleaner album... I wonder if that has more to do with Kanye's success then it does with his own beliefs/desires.

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Mase only had one clean album last year that was just average, there are more powerful mcs like Rakim and Run-DMC that made clean albums that rank among all time greats that you could've mentioned instead of Mase 'cause they're in the hip-hop hall of fame with JJFP. Mase is more like a minor league mc as far as his rhyme skills are concerned!

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Big Will! big time

beside mase had been 'clean' only on he's last album: "Welcome Back"

in the other 2 albums "Double Up" & "Harlem World" he was 'dirty' (that aint sounds good)

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