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Party Starter Second Single Confirmed!

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when party starter is released we must get it to #1 on BET 106 & Park and TRL..i'm not joking..the success of party starter could determine the success of the whole lost and found album..its up to us to make a difference..who's with me?  :pony:

I'm definitelty down with that. If we can get 75 to 100 votes from everyone on the forum, that would be great. In fact, why don't we start organizing that now. If we could get the number of people who are willing to vote about 100 times daily when Party Starter comes out, we can get an idea of how many votes will be needed to get it to the top. I know that we tried with Switch, but perhaps if we can get it more organized this time around, we could be more successful. Maybe we can form a list of people who are willing to vote, how much they voted or will vote, and when. What do you guys say. Lets make it an official JJFP.com project for at least the duration of July, to get Party Starter on 106 and Park and on the MTV top 10 countdown.

Incidentally, how many active regular members do you guys think we have on the forum? Tim, would you have access to that info?

:word: I'm in!

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:metoo: I'm gonna definately vote every moment I get a chance!

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Hey I was hanging out on the boardwalk in Seaside a lil' while ago and I noticed that one of the stands was playing "Party Starter", that made my day, I just figured I'd let y'all know about that! :jazzy:

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