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Party Starter Second Single Confirmed!

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I don't think "Party Starter" is the best track on the album...but 4 promotional reasons, i think it's the perfect 2nd single and the perfect summertime single. "Tell My Why" is definitly a song 2 be released in the autumn. It's sound, it's vibe, it's subject matter just fits with that time of year. Assuming the next 2 singles do well, if FP wants 2 keep pushing the album, he could pretty much release whatever he wanted at that point. "Pump Ya Breaks" is definitly a good single choice. "Lost + Found" is what needs 2 hit radio and make a difference in Hip-Hop on a commerical note.

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glad we can finally know 4 sure what the next single is! i wish Will would release it a lil earlier tho. if he released it in late June/early July right when summer has officially begun it could last thru the whole summer instead of only last part of July and August. also, who knows what sales will be like in the next month? if he released Party Starter now, it would guarantee good sales throughout the summer. hopefully sales will stay goood for the next month or so while we wait 4 Party Starter.

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Bigwillfan: It didn't work...

If there will be a snippet... try getting the last verse =D

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