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  1. I downloaded it last week and it's been playing in the background regularly since. I've got "Bringing It Back" on repeat, such a catchy tune. The whole thing is brilliant and it puzzles me how you are still unsigned. Congrats on releasing a great album! :clap:
  2. 4382-2073-4471 I'll be there as Marc until i can be bothered to change my mii's name to Mac Daddy :lolsign:
  3. Got to level 49 this time with a score of 2401 :bat:
  4. I got 1098 on my first try. And your right, this is addictive! :wickedwisdom:
  5. Great video, i have to agree about the arse grabbing bit, that was hilarious! :2thumbs:
  6. I've played through the first three Sam & Max episodes and i can't wait till i can get my hands on the fourth, Max's death scene at the end of the third one was hilarious! :lolsign:
  7. Great collection, must have cost quite a bit!
  8. I think he might of been thinking of that line on 32 Bars that was kinda similar, i don't remember you saying this line in one of your previous tracks though.
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