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  1. he's a good guy, and he always has his facts straight.he's good at reacherch. pretty much he knows what hes doing, and he'd be a good mod
  2. look i like you brakes, but tell me, why r u a mod?
  3. most of us are members there too, and some on DJJJ's forum
  4. probably wants to nominate himself :kekeke: no, trey
  5. ok, i just was feeling like bieng a dork :lolsign:
  6. he he stupide poll at the top i know
  7. http://www.celebrity1000.com/onlinepolls/actors.html
  8. nah, i like him as a rapper, hes not really that good of a R&Ber
  9. kayne west - gold digger going to beep - PCD
  10. yo mamma so fat she got run-over by a freight train and didnt know what hit her
  11. :rockon: :iagree: :metoo: :interesting: :drunk: :damnlorettas: :switch: :bangcomp: :1-sigh: :ignore: i like smilies oh and congrats
  12. i met him 4 years ago, i didn't know that part
  13. Hmm, you're a new member. From Northwesr Washington . Just like Trey... There's a surprise... Nope, he moved. :1-cool: oh, sorry man
  14. yeah, my next battle is gonna pretty easy
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