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Just The 2 Of Us vs. Mocking Bird

Which one do you think is better (lyrically/musically)?  

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  1. 1. Which one do you think is better (lyrically/musically)?

    • Just The Two Of Us
    • Mocking Bird

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Just the 2 of us is sooooo much better both musically and lyrically. Just the two of us also gives advice to other ppl not just his son. Its something a lot of kids have to go thru and its a subject not touched on often.

Eminems song is just annoying, he says how he thinks his kid is sad bcoz her mum and dad arnt there, well if he was a good dad he would be there for her. Any decent human being would put thier child before thier career, thats why Will missed the oscars to get back to Willow when she was ill.

I dont mean to be nasty either but it makes me laugh when eminem says they saved up $1000 for college and it got stolen from the house. Has he ever heard of a bank account?? and he says hes gonna break the birds neck which completely loses all credibility he got from actually making a serious song.

I can see an argument breaking out soon.


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I'm not going to make a decision, because it would be stupid to say "Hey, who made the better song to their child?".  I take both songs, for what they are, and that's a message to each respective artists offspring.

But look at what JazzyJulie has written, I agree, she's definately right with that one!!! (my opinion) :word:

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Hey I didnt poll yet (yes, im not the one who voted for mocking bird)

I heard all your opinions about the trax and I respect all of them.

I like both trax and i must give props to Em that he also does good music videos and songs where he isnt making fun of (great) other ppl.

I still dont respect him (who really does?) but that song is ok and for sure worth to listen to.

JJFP Rock The House

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I'm sorry, actually no I'm not. "Just the Two of Us" is so much better. Will captures it more than Eminem. Just cuz his son was wit him, and Em wasn't wit his daughter... No. That family feel is there esp. fromt he sample.

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Bonnie + Clyde '97 is a dope song...but it's not supposed 2 be taken seriously. Let's have a lil' common sense here. It's touching like "Just The Two of Us."

...i can't believe i just had 2 spell that out

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Definately "Just The 2 Of Us", without a shadow of a doubt. Whenever Eminem is rapping about his daughter, he always repeats himself. He raps always the same and on every album there are tracks about her. What a bad live her parents had and why they have problems. Will's song is completely different. You believe him that this song comes from the bottum of his heart. And the beat is much better than the Mockingbird one.

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