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  1. Thank you, guys, for the feedback. I'm really happy you like my collection, too :) That's cool, Kev. I guess I'll get the same. What t-shirt did you get?? One of the new collection
  2. Thank you guys!!! I'm wondering what price I'll receive from them. A t-shirt of course, because they asked me for my shirt-size. But I'm curious if that's it or if there will be something more, an autograph maybe...guess I have to wait But it's great to see that Jeff appreciates his fans, who collect their stuff from back in the day. He is indeed awesome.
  3. Hi guys, I just got great news and I wanted to share it with you immediately. Jeff is hosting a Throwback Thursday contest on Facebook every week. Every thursday you can put a photo with him or with some collectible items on his site and he'll handpick a winner every monday. And this week he announced that the winner is me I'm soooo happy right now. Can't get the smile out of my face!! Here's the news on his homepage with my winning picture: http://www.djjazzyjeff.com/2012/06/throwback-thursdays-contest-winner-week-15/
  4. Thank you very much, Julie. Would be great if you could upload the audio. That's more than enough for me. I don't really need the video so much. Thanks again :)
  5. It's been quiet about this project for a while. But I hope all of them keep fighting for this project, so we'll see finally a third Bad Boys movie. I always liked Part 2 and I never understood why they haven't done a third one earlier.
  6. I'm so happy that this show was finally completed on dvd. It took us 5 years of patience, we went through many ups and downs...but it was finally worth it :-) I'm happy the show is complete and I just started watching the episodes again. Thanks to Warner Bros for listening to us and finally releasing the final seasons!!
  7. Could someone upload it again? Sadly I missed that upload in August 2010, even though I asked for it. I'm so sorry :(
  8. Yeah, I could need Sky's the Limit as well. Missed it the last time it was uploaded. Would be much appreciated.
  9. Hey guys, last month, the 4th season of Supernatural has been finally released in Germany on dvd and blu-ray disc. I bought the blu-ray set on it's release date. In Germany Warner Bros. usually put a little manual to the dvd's or blu-rays including their tv-show program. I just checked this manual, and I found the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air season 1 - 5 in there. And guess what was written below: Season 6 available in spring 2011! This shows, that Warner Bros. has not forgotten about the Fresh Prince and that we will get the last season this year. I'm happy about that, how about you?
  10. Trust me, ale, it won't be easy playing us in the semi-finals. We embarrased England, we embarrased Argentina yesterday. I know Spain got a great team, and I admire some of the players (like Villa, for example), but they don't play as great as they did 2 years ago! I feel they only play with 50%. But trust me, your team will need 100% on Wednesday, otherwise it will be Germany vs. Netherlands in the finals.
  11. I'm downloading this mixtape right now. Can't wait to hear is. The tracklist sounds amazing, it can't be a bad mixtape...
  12. Yeah, that's the sound of the WestCoast from way back then. I miss this sound, you don't hear it alot these days. This remix is kinda good. I like it. There have been some official remixes that weren't as good as this one.
  13. Could someone upload this file again, please? Link's dead. Thank you very much.
  14. You could buy the german set. The spoken languages on the dvds are german, english and french.
  15. I received the 5th season yesterday, 'cause yesterday was the release date for the german version. Guys, I still can't believe that they finally released season 5. It's great to see, that Warner is still interested in releasing the whole show. And who knows, maybe we'll get the last season by the end of the year.
  16. Happy birthday, man. Have a nice day!!!!
  17. I got Ice Cube's brand new single yesterday. I Rep That West. From his upcoming album I Am The West. This song is dope!! Can't stop listening to it.
  18. Tremendous news. I've can't wait for BB3, 'cause Bad Boys I+II are still my most favourites of Will's movies. I really hope they do it.
  19. Both are too old? Who says that there's an age restriction for rappers. Look at Ice Cube, he becomes 41 years old this june, and he still one of the greatest rappers out there! Have you seen Ice Cube receiving the I Am Hip Hop award last October? He said to all the rappers of his age, that they're never too old for rap, as long as they got a tongue in their mouth. I think he's completely right about that. Plus hip hop is still a young kind of music, the first generation of rappers have been in their 20s, when they started in the 1980s(including JJFP). Now they're getting older, but that doesn't mean that their flow is gone. And if a young rapper out there thinks that they are too old to rap, what does this say about him? I'm definately into a JJFP Comeback, and I still hope we'll get one. It doesn't have to be a huge world tour, but at least a new album would be fine for me.
  20. That's a good idea, Tim. To be honoust, I thought the same when I read that news yesterday. Now he has no excuse anymore not to make music. If he does the movie, he's gotta do a song. And with the help of Jeff it could be a great one.
  21. Good news for Germany!! Warner Bros. will release the 5th season on June 18th, 2010. Here's the link for all german fresh prince fans: http://www.cinefacts.de/dvd/56717/der-prinz-von-bel-air-season-5-dvd.html Can't wait to get it
  22. Thank God!!! After round about 4 years it's finally happening. Well, Mai 4th in the US, which means it should be released in Germany round about October, I guess. But that doesn't matter. I can wait until then. Damn, that's the best DVD news in recent months.
  23. That's the vinyl that I have. But I've never seen this cd. That's amazing.
  24. I never heared about that cd version before, too. All I know is that only the 1988 version by Jive was released on cd. Please, Big Wilie, put up a pic of your cd. AJ, which vinyl has different track versions? The one with red cover from 1987 or the first one with grey cover? I only have the one with the red cover. And I couldn't hear any differences except the Girls song.
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