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  1. Will isn't going to be talked out of anything he really wanted to do. Even if it is his son. You can't cuss J, any son would probably not want his 40 year old dad to do music again. He probably has no idea how good it was. If Will's heart was in making a new album, he would do it. I just don't think it's in his thinking right now, in Will's mind these days is more 'Oscar Oscar Jada Oscar Obama Oscar Fatherhood Oscar Oprah Oscar emotional film project oscar golf oscar. The only way we will get a new and likely final album is if he re-thinks his more serious nature these days and decides to do something for some fun again. Which he may do, I'm sure he's still the same old Big Wllie at heart. You cna't blame a man for getting a bit carried away with 2 oscar nominations. Just to see Will Smith at his best in either discilpine would be a relief, but I believe in him...
  2. SPOILERS! Although Seven Pounds had sporadic strong scenes and beautiful cinematography throughout I feel it just didn't quite hit the spot emotionally for me. Some of the scenes are great and I believe the love story was quite well played out with some good interaction between Dawson and Big Will. Problem is a lot what happens is borderline ridiculous, I mean the jellyfish sub-plot crow-barred in there is poor. The actual suicide scene is awful and if it was any once else other than Will I would have been laughing at the siliness of a guy in a bath with obviously nothing in there with him pretending to be stung badly. It's awful and its not really Will's fault it's just a stupid idea. If I didn't have all the respect for Will I would have laughed in that cinema. Also giving someone your eyes hmmm... Rest of the characters aren't suffieciently developed, making the other-riding story not as hard hitting as it could be. Good showing by Rosario and she worked well with Will. As far as Will I think it wasn't the right film for him to go with. We've seen this performance before he offered little surprises about what he can do. His performance in Pursuit of Happiness is much better i believe. The emotion in pursuit hits hard a lot more than seven pounds because we can focus on two solid characters brilliantly interacting throughout. I think Will needs to choose a film that either shows off his greatest asset (his personality and charm) or he needs to do some character acting like in Ali. Or even just go with a slighter smaller scale project with a good solid story with decent actors around him Wouldn't put Seven Pounds in the Wild Wild Bagger Vance bracket. But it's not up there with Ali or Pursuit. Let's chill out about the Oscar Will, you have many years to achieve that if your really that bothered.
  3. Happy 40th Willie! I'd buy Will some studio time for his birthday
  4. Yeah was there too only for the chance they would perform, gutted. Hope they will do somehting in London in the next 2 years otherwise I'll never get to see them perform again
  5. For Gods sake why do loads of you hate wild wild west. I know the film was horrid but the only thing good to come out of it was the song! the world would be a worse place without that track. Just because its pop you slate it, Willenium is immense and i think overall beats lost and found but love um both
  6. This is the first ever Will Smith movie where I'm actually probably looking forward to someone elses performance more than Will's!! Can't wait to see Jaden it sounds like hes put in an incredible job alongside his dad
  7. Phfft! Two of Us all the way baby! I'm surprised as many as 2 have gone for eminem. Chancers. People could live their life by Just the two of us and grow up into a fine human being
  8. yeah put me down for the battle
  9. Whats your top 5 beats on Lost and Found? I think i'll have to go for... 1.Loretta 2. Here He Comes 3. Party Starter 4. I Wish I Made That 5. Lost and Found
  10. nice one Willie! Im surprised Denzel wasn't onit though. Unless i MIssed him
  11. Stick by my 9. Not quite as good as Summertime, Tell Me Why, Getting Jiggy With It. No I'm sure the success of Switch if anything would helped Tell Me Why being released. Just poor label decisions and maybe Will being too busy... we just dont know
  12. Yeah both really good. This one is hard hitting big time, great job! I wish Will could see them somehow because I think he would love them!
  13. I agree with Tim, Constantine was about as exciting as a Bow Wow song. Then again Keano Reeves as the lead, your already in trouble! I think it sound slike a resepctable project, shame there isn't a better director but we will see. I'm still confident we will get music within a year or two because basically I don't think Will has finished yet and I trust him to find some time. He always has found time in the past.
  14. let me know if you need any help dude. cool project
  15. awesome, good choice of lines
  16. Yeah just because Will has 4 or five movies lined up doesn't mean there might not be time for some music with Jazz. He's always been constantly making movies since Independance Day (at least one a year) and he's find time to release 2 platinum albums, Lost and Found and urm... Born to Reign. So keep persuading him Jazz!
  17. Wills fans are the best, he's dominating!
  18. Right thats it then Jazz, you better bring Will to England for a big show else I wont be happy with you both! banter. But i don't think ill be able to not get my hopes up, im already excited
  19. no i like it. Its a good one to get hyped and do at Karaoke
  20. cool, nice to see Alfonso busy aswel especially working with our Will again. Will really gets on brilliantly with him and its just cool they still work together. Alfonso is a talented dude no doubt. Also cant wait to see Will's directing!! although he better not go into that full time for a good while yet, cant wait to see Jaden's acting talent aswell. Its all so exciting!!!
  21. They said in the paper they were going to discuss it but to be fair it's not out til December. Not much point talking about it yet promotion wise
  22. Steve Irwin Crocodile Hunter! Or Jazzy Jeff on every track would suit me. LL Cool J would be awesome too
  23. Its pretty good, pretty cute. nothing more
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