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I wanna know some other talents the fans on the site have, asides being as musically and poetically talented as u all have shown us over the years... :thumb:

What else are u good at,..or how productive do u spend ur spare tyme... or how do u feel bout ur road 2 success??? please share... it may enlighten some others...

well...ill start with me..

as some of u know, I'm an artist. I love ALL forms of the arts from drawing, writing songs, martial arts, singing, acting...alla that good stuff... but not doing lotsa stuff with the arts...

Working out....I LOVE. Playing basketball,...and baseball...swimming...

detours in life has me doing other things...like lawncare, digging in the dirt, plumbing, painting, replacing carpeting, laying tile, home repairs, THINKING of working on my business plans...and book. It sux having to put aside things we wanna do, versus things that has 2 be done... :mad8: Another biggie..is not knoing how to say NO to ppl wanting things of u, that takes up literally HOURS and or WEEKS of your tyme... (i gotta learn to say no)...

Do u guys ever just "feel" a vision or direction in ur life, thats sooo strong,...like theres something MORE productive that u should be doing,...in relation to things u LOVE< but cant seem to find the time, connection or vehicle to get there?

Life is really wierd, yet fascinating to c some ppl sitting on talent...sometymes I wander if negative forces are contstantly making life harder to detour or eliminate some from their true destinies... ?? Or is it a time of preparing oneself for his or her season of "harvest"?

maybe its my imiganition...but if any of u have dreams... dont let fear or other obstacles deter u... as I have, I think we all have visions, and if u can feel something soo strong in ur heart, and can almost feel and TASTE it --> (like these collard greens cookin in my kitchen LOL :cwm: ) ... do what u need to do to make it a reality... long as its the right thing... :thumb: :antlers:

im ramblng now...



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well some of my talents sort of dissapeard as life got in the way. I used to play classical guitar like Bach and stuff (u heard right), ive played since i was 8 i think until a year ago i was struggling to keep up practise everyday. Then about a year ago i went to my guitar lesson and my teacher of about 11 years ( i was alone in his house coz i trusted him) started rubbing my hand and tried to kiss me, so i left and never went back, in fact ive never played my guitar since and its really sad bcoz i loved it so much. I will pick it up again 1 day but im sure by then i will have forgotten how to play it.

Recently i did a martial art like u cookies but i couldnt go coz my job got too much, i got to red belt and gave up.

Now my only talent i try to keep going with is my dancing. Me and my friends are in a dance group and we do charity events in the summer. Its cool coz i love perfoming and we got a crowd of about 600 once. Hopefully i can do some more shows this summer. I keep up practise by dancing in the clubs, preferable to switch in the street.

I'll never have any real success with any of these bcoz my dream is to be a fully qualified Veterinary nurse which takes up all my time. I often work 10-12 hours, plus lots of weekends then have to do college homework and coursework.

Look what you've made me do now, and excuse to talk about myself and i ramble a lot.

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Well i'm not really good at anything. I work hard and can get along with all people and I learn stuff fast, and if I for example is hired as an writer to an website, im in the top before you know it. I'm an good reviewer and im good at finding things.

My weaknesses is that im not strifing for an better future, no no no, instead I wanna go back in time, and I do have really big problems accepting that stuff is changing. You know, Will is getting older and so on... and Im also having this problem that I cant accept new things and persons. If I like anything I wanna know everything about it, and thats good but it makes me obsessed really.

Things I like to do hmm, play soccer tho I cant do that because I had a knee surgery five months ago... I like to listen at JJFP, spend time with friends even tho I aint got many...

I think ive got is the skill to just turn off dumb peoples opinions. I dont care what other people does and thinks when it comes to stuff like clothing. Everyone wears black and white but me that has like red and green stuff on me... I dont care what they think, or atleast I wont agree with people just because ALL think in a special way.. One example is my 2005 definition of mainstream: The most mainstream thing is to hate mainstream things.

My dream is to become something famous which is pretty likely, probably an famous writer or so.

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Well, Julie... I don't think u'll forget how to play an instrument, but u may be just a lil rusty, . Thas cool tho cuz in tyme...ull get back into the swing of things... That dude was way off track. U shoulda asked him what the hell he was feeling for? And looked all crazy & deranged or acted like u were havin a seizure or something. lol... I bet that woulda taught him to keep his nasty ol hands to himself. This vocal instructor I was working with once, she was very talented, but she let me listen 2 a track another of her students recorded,...and she had an EXACT chorus from one of my songs that I recorded at her studio ,...and I pretty much lost interest in singing at that tyme which was several years ago... but I did give that knucklehead a GOOD piece of my mind tho when I quit her classes...

tactfully..hehe... ull get back into it, just give it sum tyme.. :thumb:

Lerkot... surely ur good at sumpthin. You should sit one day in silence, or listen 2 a really motivational song,...and let your thoughts flow on paper. Its much easier to envision ur dreams, and set goals when u write them down... You have to maintain a positive mindset, and believe that you ARE destined to be successful at something in ur life... Once u figure it out, invest as much of ur tyme and energy towards it. And believe it or not...once u become focused on that path, alot of other 'things' will start popping up... but u have to stay focused and on track...



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Well I'm most known for my poetry, freestyling, and songwriting skills that I love to do the most on my free time, but I also love playing basketball, jogging, and lifting weights, dancing, spending time with my family and friends that take time for me, reading books to give me ideas for the songs I write, studying a computer programming college course I'm taking, I have plans to become a computer programmer one day, saving my money up and further my studying even further and eventually starting my own independent record label one day to not record some of my songs but to help out peeps in my area that have talent too in whatever music they do, give them a place to express themselves, I wanna try to make a difference in my life and be an inspiration for people more than being famous, just like the way JJFP and a few other of my inspirations inspire me! :thumb:

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Acting seems 2 be my thing at the moment. I got in2 it in the mid-90's and started actutally doing alot of shows at the local dinner theater and community college in the late 90's. Since then i've posished up my skillz and even learned 2 carry a tune (i wouldn't even do musicals when i started...now i get leads in musicals). I'm well known in the local theater community and lots of people recognize me when i got out (which is kinda nice). Most of my socal life is now made up of actors, singers, dancers, musicians, etc since that's who i'm around all day.

Hip-Hop and poetry is where my heart is at tho.' I don't write very often these days but it's still number one 2 me. However, as a perfectionist, i'm very hard when critiquing my stuff. They just opened a recording studio downtown. I'm thinkin' about checking it out. I'm think i'm gonna take a break from theater during the last half of the summer and definitly in the winter. It would be nice 2 start writing again seeing where i'm at musically. Hopefully i can hook up with a producer down there.

Otherwise, i work as a photographer/manager at the local Picture People. I'm hoping 2 get a certain position down there which will allow me 2 get paid more money and live a little more comfortably which will also allow me 2 continue acting and stuff like that.

Outside of all that, i just like having a good time. I like 2 think of myself as a champion and i work everyday towards living more like a champion. I try 2 stay up on a basic homeworkout and eat correctly. Recently i've been getting in the best shape of my life since i waz in high skool. Whatever i do in life, i take it 2 the max. Hard work can lead 2 so many rewards in life. U just gotta realize it 2 tap in real success in life. Everyday i read from a book by pastor/speaker Joel Osteen and his book Your Best Life Now which keeps me motivated and on track. I also try 2 read a lil' bit from the Bible each day. Lastly, i usually read from 2Pac's and/or T-Boz's book of poetry or read song lyrics out of CD inserts.

Right now i'm facing a struggle or 2 in life, but i'm not letting it take my joy. I'm focusing on the good and moving on in other areas in my life. When the time is right, that area of struggle will catch up with everything else.

That's the world of AJ at the moment.

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Well, My biggest passion/hobby/whatever is producin'. I love makin beats. I know it's a little out of reach, but ima try to get into the game somehow. i current;y work with a few independant cats, here and there, and things is pickin' up. Also LOVE Basketball and football. Blazers and Cowboys fan. I play a little basketball with some friends. SF, PF, or SG. (Actually a PF in a SF body :wiggle: ).....

there is more..but..i'll get to that later.

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Hmm, so it's my turn now. I think you hardly (and probably don't want to :kekeke: ) know anything about be, so I sum up a little stuff bout me:

I'm 19 years old (boy, btw :P) and come from Germany, so I was born, when JJ and FP came together. :peace:

I finished my school last year and now I'm about to study chemistry at the university.

I'm a big fan of Will and Jazz since the FPOBA was aired on German television the first time, which should have been around 1995 or something like this! So I just got to know the second half of his career "live", but I bought all of the CDs from the first one and daaamn like it !!! :thumb:

I'm really into music, so listening to and rapping along with Will's trax is really dope! I also do lotta music writing, but not such of that kind, but more classic and just instrumental. I play the trumpet since 7 years and am the leader of a brass band (therefore the writings).

My second bis hobby is playing volleyball (hope the weather gets beachvolleyball-compatible soon...)! :dancingcool:

Yeah, last but not least my third hobby: Posting in this forum, a real addiction! :wiggle:

Lotta greetz from Germany

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I cannot be bothered to write too much :kekeke: , but here goes....


Play Basketball

Watch Films

Collect Films

Study Films


Like To Eat Bacon

Listen To Music

Play Various Video Games


Buy Random Crap On Ebay

Spend Money As soon As I Get My Hands On It

Listen to JJFP As Often As I Can

That is all :peace:

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Well I'm a 17yr old girl from San Antonio Texas, USA. I play a little bit of basketball. But I prefer boxing. I graduated from high school at 16. Now n again I help out my mom at the SAAF which is the San Antonio Aids Foundation. I love to play video games like Grand Theft Auto.

I write a little bit of poetry. I love to read. I love ol skool r&b, hiphop, n rock. My favorite song is from The Platters called "Only You". I shouldn't say favortie cause I have many favorites. I love the song from Etta James "At Last".

I have been a JJ&FP fan ever since the first episode of the FPoBA. Sum ppl find me a little strange cause I'm not like most girls my age. Which I guess it cool. I am very versatile. Sum days I'm like a tomboy I can kick it wit the guys and other days I'm a girly girl :kekeke: I was never in the school band or any special after school activities cause I was an outsider not to mention I went to school in the ghetto and they cut the music class from the budget. I had a rough up bringing but I'm trying to over come that. So I'm writting a book about sum of the stuff I gone through.

I guess thats me in a nutshell. :kekeke:

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My name is Yogev (in hebrew it aint that strange...)

14 years old,

Israely born, Israely raised, Israely madesmile.gif

I'm in the 8th grade, we got more moth to the end of skool yeahbiggrin.gif

welll hmm i got big freakin Meth test tommorwthumbdown.gif

I like rapping

I'm the webmaster of Will Smith's Israely fan site

I like socer and basketball

fav rappers: Will Smith, JJFP, Nas, Biggie, Jigga man, Puffy, Outkast...

fav actors: Will Smith, Denzel Washington, Harison Ford

well im off studing, bye 4 now, wish me luck


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Well I'm a 17yr old girl from San Antonio Texas, USA. I play a little bit of basketball. But I prefer boxing. I graduated from high school at 16. Now n again I help out my mom at the SAAF which is the San Antonio Aids Foundation. I love to play video games like Grand Theft Auto.

wow, how do u graduate high school at 16? i'm not sure how that works

there's not much 2 know about me. i'm 16 and sophomore in high school. i play basketball but my love for the game is declining. it used to be my dream to play in college but i have no motivation 2 anymore. i am pretty smart. i get constant GPA's of like 3.75 but i haven't figured out what i'm gonna major in. i'm not a party guy at all. i'm pretty quiet and u'd consider me someone who doesn't have a ton of friends. the only kind of music i enjoy is old school hip-hop!

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