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unofficial battle I

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i was once bullyin my way thru this place

battle anyone who dear to stare at my face

its crazy as the world spins, shiny things

and expensive bling, u think u livin like a king

top of the moutian but yet wana climb more

my flow is flaw, but i had the girls wantin for more

i aint beefin im just breathin, words are coming out

want me to whisper just incase i start to shout

i dont have an aggresion problems, raps an obbesion

ill steal anyone possesions to teach em a lesson

but i want u to listen, to the start and end of this mission

coz im holdin u in a submission, your eye glistens

thats when u kno ur not sure what u have

im soundin exactly the same as flava flav

not my fault, didnt wana get caught, too much dealin

i admit it, i need cash but im catchin feelings

im not sure who to hit first or last

coz the time i woulda figured it out, its in the past

im going crazy im my mind, just one more rhyme

just one more time for me to shine, and thats mine

im just freestylin without whilin

mess wit me imma hit u hard u'll leave here smilin

homie i can do that, raps my art

your the dartboard and im bout to throw the dart

leavin u shot in the heart, cant tear my rap apart

its so strong, listenin to this song, go on an on

but its different without everyone one in them thongs

girlies no offensce but i love ya, i aint kiddin

wheneva u need freein, wheres the aution im biddin

just abit random but i liked it

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I do not like green eggs and ham.

I do not like them, Sam I Am.

I would, though, like to win this battle.

In the old west, they used to drive cattle.

Hickory, dickory, dock!

The mouse ran up the clock;

The clock struck one,

And then Scy won,

Hickory, dickory, dock!

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and then i step thru


how am i gonna win when my nursery rhymes sound like poo-poo

it seems we took a different approach in this unofficial battle

ok guys we fell off the horse,now can we get back on the sattle

i got it, since you guys dont wanna battle lets make a posse song

cuz i got soul and i can rhyme all day and night long


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look at these fools bitin nursey rhymes

learn the rules u aint cool the time is now mine

im in this battle preparing my next rebuttle

i just left the huddle makin my quips a lil subtle

id like to see u rhyme thru the hours of the day

it wont be easy to stay hype like them kid n play

tha don jiggy, you think u can rap

start and ill flip u like flap jacks

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hmm...my first time in english

i don't care about ya haters, i'm above the hate,

i have more rhymes then there are people at the loveparade,

i have more fun with girls, then a child with his new and crazy toy,

girls love me, i'm a german mc and a true lover, a baby boy,

like 50 cent i'm always on top, but i'm real, i make real hip hop,

but my time is money, so pass the roc,

oh...don't forget i'm a lover, baller and a mc,

so i'm on the court and i just go for the three,

damn you look so helpless, playin' the d,

oh...isolation, now you play one on one against me,

there's no chance for you, since it's my first verse in american rap,

but don't be sad, i'll be back ^^

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c'mon man havent u taken history?

u should know napoleon got blown out of his misery

make 3 mistakes and got thrown in the cage

u made a mistake with me, now i'm in a rage

i don't often battle, but when i do

it's like the score is 2-2

bottom of the 9th, 2 out

i'mma come up with the big hit that knocks u out

i know ur depressed that u made such a simple mistake

but hey, what can i say, i guess it was ur fate

or maybe u don't believe it fate, then u just suck

ur rhymes are like bullets, and i dont even gotta duck

outta the way, get an eye b4 u shoot

cuz u come at me like that and i'm straight takin ur loot

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imma just do a little sumthin sumthin....

different people different rhymes

different situations, different times

things damn changed, the game

aint the same if u got no fame

no one understands the underground

coz this is gotta hit harder than "lost and found"

the particular rhymes i kick

when i grap i mic, i spit

its not my fault that i flow victory

better than a kids poem than hickory dickory

homie the courts switch to my offensce

but dont get too sad, ur on defence

im attackin and swiging all i can

back to the wall, am i man?

its funny coz my life is full of ups and downs

went from gettin high, to rappin around clowns

believe me this is no joke, all i need is a hit

just one way to show my wit, cant forfiet

im +running against time+, musics in my blood

try and battle me, all i say is urs is a dud

mentally im a hard worker, it just aint working

went from, playa hatin to money makin, no jerkin

around homie imma spit untill i die

untill i cry, untill u lie,

come on how u gonna match to this

shoulda won the last battle, i cant handle 1 diss

i made battlin in this place where it is

no i wonder can i handle the show biz?

sick of these short flows, short shows

went from, clean girlfriends to dirty H-o's

i dont mean to curse in this verse

its just not my problem if im in a hearse

crazy im lazy, shoulda gotta job at 1 time

instead of forgettin about money, 1 rhyme

regrettin in how i will live, i can stay here

i wish i could but ma, i cant stay here

look in the eyes of your baby boy

when i was born, u shoulda born a mic as a toy

then maybe i woulda finished this already

but the pressures buildin, ready steady.....

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Hey reborn2reign, I think that was the first battle of yours I read here. Nice job, man. :werd:

thanx, i don't often have time 2 rhyme and when i do, it always seems like it takes me 4ever 2 come up with rhymes and then when i read them back, they never sound good. maybe i'll start contributin a lil more 2 this board in the future tho

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Reborn to reign, I think you got it all wrong//

My rhymes aren’t bullets, their backpack nuclear bombs//

Blowing the chest ofa wack ass rapper, with no use for a gun//

My music, is ruthless, bruising your lungs//

Twenty first century, Leonardo Da Vinci//

With hand-built tanks, blowing the limbs ofa emcees//

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