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unofficial battle I

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Ok, i'll start it of,

Now why are you guys doubling up on me

Your rhymes have been composed brashly

You should have composed your rhymes more acutely,

Now like ya grandma they kind of wrinkly,

You went out of your way to diss me,

Becoming like my girl all bitchy,

Is this the best you can spit,

thats it?,

Now try to absorb my suggestion,

take it in, dont question,

your gonna be pitied,

the only way you'll beat me is oif your on mo weed,

your getting psychotic,

your rhymes chaotic,

there unbalanced, rambling,

and to me they don’t meen a damm thing

im gonna lick you in ever confrontation,

show you whose sovereign,

get you to hire a spokesmen,

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Your going to lick me? aint that wrong?

oh well, time to diss wit this song

and its on, aint u stupid for battling me

maybe im cupid for rattlin he

but that aint nuttin im not compared to do

but me compared to you? cut that to a few

i dont need to prove a thing to you

honest enough, im like the king to you

i beat you over and over again

now u hesistatin to ask 2 be my friend

come on then, face to face with confrontation

but im lovin this rap sh!t, imma save this nation

coz rap needs to be saved from the likes of u

when i look at u, it makes me puke,

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your trying to lift your game joe,

but your so impotent you need ginko,

but as a favor I’ll respond,

cause there’s a chance your more clever than a dumb blond,

you seriously need help to ‘get jiggy with it’ as it were,

man your rhyme is more boring then Chaucer,

But it would seriously be amusing to see,

Who’s stupider, you or martin sheen,

Im gonna out rap ever verse you make,

After reading this your wind’ll brake,

Oops, guess it already has

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Haven't got much time now,

So gotta change my style somehow,

Trying to keep it short and sweet,

Like a freindly simple meet and greet,

No seriousness involved in my spits,

Like no meat in your girlie's tits,

Gang up on you wasn't our intention,

Just me and J-O-E got good connection,

But I did know your girlie's a bitch,

Refused to swallow so I had to ditch.

Me getting psychotic is kinda funny,

Coming from a guy who's totally looney

Saying lines 'bout breaking winds

Next might be 'bout ding-a-lings.

Oops now it's getting late,

Gotta go on my lovely date

But I'll come back and let you lick,

Unzip my flyer and pull out my ......

Bye. :wiggle:

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brace your getting all horny,

please, no body wants to see your scenery,

and you’ve got a girl,

the very thought makes me churl,

please help her please,

i hope she doesn’t catch some disease like herpies,

ewww, girls run away,

cause the freak brace wants to horseplay

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Vibe to vibe a second,

It’s a club girl why you arrived naked

Hear that. Stop. Why did I say that,

This isn’t Switch but I still heard that

Now I know cause this is what I said,

While picking up your girl into my bed,

Clothes starting to rip,

I bust on her bust,

She’s going on a trip,

Thrust full of lust

Condoms starting to slip,

Showing no sign of rust,

Cummed my last drip,

So abortion is a must.

I switch from your bitch to your sis,

Now I went too far with that diss,

Probably because I had a drink,

I’m going to end up on a brink,

Just might turn into an alcoholic,

Cause I’m seeing the devils frolic,

But I promise to put an end to it,

Ain’t gonna die because of this sh*t,

I apologise for all my spits,

Or my membership in forum might get slit,

Gonna try and keep my rhymes legit,

Only gonna post now clean-cut diss,

I ended with diss twice in my sentences,

So I’m gonna stop till I’m back to my senses.

Byes. :hmm:

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My Turn:

i set back, watched that, fire to fire

can u afford to do wrong wit ya desire

look, i can see that you wana me a dope MC

but simply u aint gonna change the game, see

you've said that i got the best skill

i aint got no licensce to kill, but to thrill

these aint really words, its just a line

u done the crime now hear this rhyme

quite frankly, im sick and tired of you

but your so dumb u wouldnt have a clue

bracesup is right, we do have a connection

but its a shame ya girl said u cant get an erection

think im joking? homie im just poking

little one liners at you, im so hot im smoking

yo bracesup dont worry about havin a few to drink

it just eases the mind, and makes you think

better as you clearly did just then

stay sittin down sippin on some hen

aint no ashame in that, oh rawad ur whack

i was supposed to say that before, i dont take it back

rawad tell me really? what u spittin u feel me?

i'd rather you kill me than you to deal wit me

coz im not the person u wana have beef wit

im the sorta person who will breath ya teeth split

but not to be offencse, just defensive,

yo braces how u deal wit his sis, bitch is expensive

did i just kill this flow, i cant deal wit that ho

back down and go on say the name joe

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joe joe joe here we again go at it,

by now i would have thought you'd had it,

given up, thrown your towel in,

but you want to hold up ya chin ,

your a persistent little ****,

but your gonna need my good will kit,

you say you've got a licence to thrill,

you aint no james bond dill,

your rhymes are way over the hill,

your subject matter in over kill,

you say that im whack and you gunna split my teeth,

oohhhh scary scary, thats your best beef,

yes i did say you had the best skillz,

but how many rappers have skillz

\how many gigs do they fill,

and brace why you copying switch now,

that aint your song clown,

do your own thing now,

dont't let me go over then and slap you now,

man what aphrodesiac have ya been taking brace,

your getting more horney every line you make,

man, lol, what the hell are you sippin,

can you even see what the hell your spitting?

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Alright Rawad, I decided to do something different and come up with a more unconventional way of rapping. So here goes:

Saturday is gonna be a tragic day,

A tragic day for you is today,

Today I’m gonna make you pay,

Pay because your rhymes so gay,

So gay ‘cause your spits so weak,

Weak ‘cause you’re a skinny little freak,

Freak you better stop flowing rap,

Rap ain’t your thing ‘cause you’re full of crap,

Crap from your mouth and rap with your ass,

Your ass is mine and I’m taking you to class,

Class got over and you still didn’t beat me,

Beat me and prove that you ain’t a wannabe,

Wannabe wicked in front of these forum members,

Forum members don’t care ‘cause they know I dismember,

Dismember your limbs ‘cause my lyrics like a chainsaw,

Chainsaw runnin’ wild its cutting your body raw,

Raw is my talent when I write my lyrics,

Lyrics so powerful so agree my critics,

Critics say you’re dead and you just can’t win,

Win is a must or you’ll end up in a bin.

Byes. :haha:

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Nice 1 Bracesup

you gonna come up to me and front?

homie ill teach you how to stunt

you makin rhymes so much its the last

said so much **** to me, but lets put it to the past

if you take a second, and i'll feel your tradigy

but going against me, thats a prodigy

and imma smash at fools who wana win?

braces ur right, we shoulda HAD him in a bin

you anoyin me, your borin me

ur rhymes are being schooled, u feelin me?

holdin up my chin, ive been beatin u like a bitch

im will smith and ur that fat guy from hitch

got no chance with women unless u resort to rape

try and go to britney spears and make a sex tape

homie dont try and get my attention

if i touch u, u gonna come back for some compensation

ive had enough of you, tough are you?

can u walk around in the rough, well can you?

im sick of this, i hate to diss, its my last resort

i wana settle this like men, no need for court

im a grown man, i'll slaughter you

imma shoot ya girl as soon as she says i do

its over, the games won, got that sun

im just kiddin with this coz its just done...feel me

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this aint no front no front, no stunt,

i'm gonna show you how fine poetry is done,

how it's created

every line is weighted,

verses fated,

your gonna like the way i do this,

cause i'm going to do this delicatley, patiently,

you guys rapping about all ya sex tapes and how ya gunna make me pay,

get out of my way,

as Will would attest,

profanity aint needed by the best,

if ya aint got anything good to say then don't say nothing,

if ya abide by that rule you won't end up sucking,

cause the weak rappers are the ones that must curse,

cause theyre minds so thick they gotta think the worst,

the most influential rhymes never need that,

trying to look all tough and hard everybody seen that,

rhymes are meant to be real, to that everybody will relate,

do that and your rhymes will never date,

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Okay, I won't point that out but I'm still gonna get ya.

X-rated entertainment is my game,

Screwing hot bitches while they scream my name,

So now you thought that was lame?

Maybe 'cause you can't do the same,

12 hours gone by, you all mature now?

Trying to teach us about peace and love?

Wise old man and expecting me to bow?

You thought we would all forget somehow?

How can we forget that you ain't nothing.

Round after round you just kept sucking.

Creativity from your mind just started dying,

Credibility as a rapper went out flying,

Go ahead and show me how delicate you can get,

Halfway through spitting and the whole world would forget,

About time you realized that your downfall is set,

You're sitting in a retirement home reminiscing how we met,

You say I'm weak because I curse?

Show one F-word in all my verse!

You couldn't, so now you're eating your words.

This is what happens when you don't rehearse.

Lying about patience when didn't even care,

To notice the error you made up there,

Even Will did curse in his rhymes somewhere,

Accusations you throw is just unfair,

I'm seriously doubting your talent now, homie

I don't feel you've got the skills to be an MC,

I smell a rat here because something is fishy,

Obvious that your girlie's been ghostwriting for ya, hasn't she.

Byes. :lolsign:

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