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unofficial battle I

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if you was gonna force me to quit

well then homie, how come i aint forfiet

your just an idiot, stop rhyming

stay at school, coz this is getting tiring

dont you get that i actually killed it

i wrote the rhyme and then spilled it

not much u can do there is there?

so stop cussing in ya rhymes, coz this is rare

get your reading glasses on, coz u gonna need em

line by line, rhyme after rhyme, homie u gonna read em

i knew i had 23 lines u complete dumb ass

i said u spit 16, but i geuss u read it too fast

stop trying to out rap me coz ive done it for years

you think you can beat me? u cant sum up my fears

please just quit coz i gotta battle to intend to

im sorry if the truth sucks, its that im going to hurt you

now who are you really calling a mess

when just last nite, i saw u wearing your sisters dress

trying to impress, homie thats gonna work

so last line i geuss imma just say ur a jerk, did that hurt?

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Sorry that I skipped a spit,

But you ain’t gonna make me quit,

Genius at play twists to outwit,

Your talent as a rapper just got bit,

Killer rhymes that my minds gonna knit,

Dangerous enough as a vipers pit,

My lyrics cause your throat to slit

After I’m done you’ll be wearing a kilt,

Time has come for your gender to tilt,

Testosterone level is gonna be spilt,

Fags about to let oestrogen to be built,

Diseased genitals infested with filth,

Cause we know that your sister’s been hit,

Incest committer just grabbed her tit

Inherited diseases like gonorrhea and sh*t,

Now your family’s distraught over this crap,

Ashamed of a sinner who just can’t rap,

And a whore for a daughter who just got tapped,

Decided to move while checking out the map,

Now is my chance to lay out my trap,

While you assh*les in the motel taking a nap,

Kidnapped your bitch*ss and started to slap,

Got a taser in my hand and let loose an electric zap,

You’re now lying motionless while I call this a wrap.

Byes. :yeahthat:

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man, some people take thing way to literally ,

you gotta chill, read things openly

i was just using a bit of jest,

not something to take to the chest,

never take what people say as literal truth,

or you’ll fast become known as a cooke

get it?

i dont wanna make you quit joe,

but i wanna make you so despondent that you mull over doing just so,

u saw me wearing my sisters dress?

what are you some perv watching through a window as people undress,

lol, is that your past time preoccupation,

hoping to see someone at there home gyrating,

or maybe you'll score and find some people mating!

a free triple xxx show in the waitng,

just grap the popcorn and binoculars and wait all paitiently,

this is a hell of a lot better then that big brother reality,

dont have a life to bother with, it's a has bin

so i'll just get my fav chair and tune in!.....bla bla

this rhyme is seriously screwed up

so i'll finish it off and do some more important stuff,

oh yeah i forgot to reply to bracesup,

his rhyme speaks for itself so it's enough,

allright i'll leave you guys yill next time,

if you can still be bothered posting your rhymes,

no offence meant, get it straight,

till next time...stay straight!

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Now whats all this sh*t that you dont speak

now with ya sister, thats just an all round freak

you got an aggression level, and its reached its peak

you see me and bracie are simply the best you see

theres no reasoning or argreeing with this game, simply

im putting it in words that you might just understand

i've already wrote the plan, and are you a man?

this is just a warm up for the real battle, the real thing

you see your my pinky ring, and im the laughing king

are you gonna respond or just take it like a B*tch

see your the itch on my back, now come on just switch

so beore i tortue you in these rap thing, go say please

ask ya sister if she has any bruises right on her knees

see im doing her just like ive done it before

slappin and tappin that A*s untill she gets sore

so before i got of topic i have intents to rip it

get another beer and in your words, gently sip it...

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Millions of verses about yo sister,

Yet tryin to be sweet but not bitter,

Proves my point that she is a whore,

We use our niners while screaming FOUR!

My lyrics speak for itself, you damn right skippy,

Didn’t deny bout sisters dress, now that’s just creepy,

Why you be advicing us on being straight,

Weren’t you at the gay bar setting up a bait?

Your exams just a scam to mislead us, right?

An excuse for you getting screwed every night.

The war of the forums is just a few days away,

Like Joseph said, this battles just for us to prepare,

Mass execution is the future of these bitches.

After we’re done, they is gonna need some stitches,

Sharpening our pens to use it like a saber,

While losers like you post verses more lamer.

Byes. :jazzy:

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i'll start it off:

with this battle i'm gonna take you out,

as if my lyrical mastery was ever in doubt,

i dare any one of y'all to respond,

make your reply a swansong,

cause though i'm a rookiei got a veteran state of mind,

my rhymes well paced and placed every time,

come on take me on ...i dare you now

don't you go trying to hide away somehow,

if you dare to post your reply

to your mc career take one look back and say your goodbies,

at first i'll go all easy on you,

dont wanna get you to flee away after a post or two,

but then as a cheetah on the kill,

i'll strangle you slowly just for the thrill,

good preparation for the tasty banquet ,

any rap blood you had i just drank it,

yeah thats the way that you'll end up,

get you wishing for the immortality cup,

but there'll be no point,

the next progigy annoint,

my future is predicted,

any challednger the crystal ball shows i've licked it,

o.k. i'll leave you know to reply,

your response make interesting don't let me sigh

you gotta make it great,

or your future'll be eaten away on my desert plate

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8 Lines? 8 rhymes? 9 pages

raps a menace, ur locked in cages

1...2....3....4...ur a a bore

5...6....7....8...im more mature

than you anyday. anyway

before you responde. watch wot u say

coz it might be more than 8 lines

it could escalade to 8 more rhymes

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joe dont be a shmuck,

with this rhyme seriously duck,

im gonna make ya look like a quack,

withe every single win that i rack,

i hope ya like the way i annialate,

the way i make my opponents strart to hate,

the end is coming,

the only thing to do i suggest start running

1 min rap(as fast as i could type)

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Alright we'll start to run,

Behind your a** with a gun,

Shooting around all over the air,

Waving around like we just don't care,

Bullets getting fired everywhere,

Come out now, so we dare,

June 16 is a funeral,

For you and your partner girl.

Byes :lolsign:

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