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unofficial battle I

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ok, dont be so sick, imma make it quick

i could make it slow, but ill be a dick

i dont want to make you go away slowley

it has to be fast, ill give u water and say its holey

you will probably burn, its my turn

this money will be mine, i earned every dime

every time i came out and gave a different rhyme

all i wanted was some respect and diginity

but for gods sake, this beef could be like a trinity

and non of us either want us to we wana bury eachother

so imma try and level u off but ohh brother

it aint as easy as it sounds, these are my grounds

my rules and i say homie your out of bounds

u an MC with a heart? u and rap have to be apart

separate you anyway i can, even with a small dart

ive had enough imma pull the plug, dont pull no slug

but imma wave you off just like them bugs

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guys sorry for the delay of mine,

but cause of the delay i'll make this damm fine,

pay attetion y'all line by line:

im gonna give everybody what they be wanting to hear,

that brace should be slappd on his fat ugly rear,

you dont want that mushy mushy stuff dear

o.k. its on, but you gotta put on your defences,

as with this rap on you i'll pass my sentence,

i'm gonna send you back to your mummy,

screaming for mercy,

i dont think your gunna be able to take this much longer,

more and more becoming a wonder,

come down under and i'll wack you in a real batle,

your probably one of those stange freaks who like heavy meatle,

i'm like the president, the king,

an assassin in this rap ring,

it aint my aim but easy to get the bling,

joe, you wanted some dignity,

o.k. but i'll still ace you so easily,

don't wanna brag but i'm looking like a prodigy,

i'm scoring all the 3 point plays, all the slam dunks,

as jeff says the brand new funk ,

i'm gonna trip you in every verse you brake,

make the people like quit for goodness sake,

a crowd i'll get as excited as they can,

show tem who's the man,

give them their adrenalin blast,

leave my opponents in a cast,

leave my enemies in a rut as to how they can combat me,

they'all all be out ideas so they gotta launch crap at me,

cant find a decent way to diss this,

wish they could do this,

the lyrical trpohy is is in it's rightfull place,

no longer in the hands of those that disgrace

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haha, not bad rawad, your battling is defitnely getting better

homie this is a marathon and imma set this pace

toe to toe, doe is doe, who's last in this rap race

see, honestly ive dragged this on a bit, it was easy

but whatever i write, it just seems so, goddamn sleasy

look, if you couldnt rap, why even try at the start

because this rap sh!t, can easily break ya heart

its not for those who take words straight to the mind

but if you listen to what im sayin, you'll understand this rhyme

when ever im spittin, i can do it fast or slow

now what are you rawad? look you dont know

i dont even have to wait for ya other battle, i rip ya to shreads

slap you about for a bit and then give u up to the feds

let them take a peice out of ya, walkin around and wavin

hip hops dying didnt you notice that? hold back u better be savin

every dime u get coz ill tell you one thing, ur not gonna make it rappin

you'll never be rich, your just a small little bitch, better off plain scrappin

maybe i rap too much, maybe its the way i speak

if im sinnin at the begining wit so much winning, ur a freak

nutting really much more i can say to diss you harder, thats just me

so before u try and talk to me again, remember this is j-o-e

Edited by J-o-e
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i've returned to tear you to shreads,

a little more and you'll be needing your feds,

i'm a gonna give you another chance,

one more dance,

i'm gonna start this show

begin the expo

make you like wow

show you what it's all about

remove the doubt

i wanna set the spark to the fire,

do it like kanye west doen to the wire,

set the bar higher,

i'm gonna show the real players from the liars,

let the show now get started,

let the fakes be carted,

they ain't ever gonna be charted

let the real contenders now take their place,

but let them now make some space,

as the mak has entered the race,

i'm gonna get ya all pumped as you've never been,

as excited as you've ever been seen

get you to put your hands up

get you all pumped,

i'm gonna get y'all to grin,

ask where this guys bin,

ask if theres any ghostwriting,

but there ain't no ghostwritning,

so just take it on your chin,

acknowledge the real thing,

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Why Dont You Give Up *Crys* haha

step back and relax, let a pro take to the m-i-c

see i got all the facts, from Bracesup to J-o-e

look, theres no way with them rhymes u will win

if this was a wrestling match i would of already got the pin

same as american football with the touchdown

so why dont i take a picture? of the shamed frown

i have no intentions to stop ripping you

im not a bad ass, even though i wouldn't mind flipping you

how can i take it on the chin when your going for my gut

your worse than one of those whores, wait, ur sisters a slut

how do i know? lets leave that to joe, the advanced pro

against rawad and i dont even know how your name is pronunced

but dont worry, imma strike like a tiger and then pounce

your ass will be a history, but im here to explain the mystery

and the end of this rhyme imma be suprised if u aint a mistress

but its distress thats getting ur stress, see im not even giving u my best

just something for you to go by, i know im fly, i'd rather die

than see you cry, coz this is only a game, at least your had your try....

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Here's my wonderful reply specially going out to Rawad:

Your time is up, prepare for your death,

Read your last rites, take your last breath,

I’m lifting with anger this bloodied hatchet,

One swing and its gonna leave your neck wet,

Your body’s mutilated, you’re missing a head,

No chance of survival, you’re now dead,

I’m laughin at your funeral, near your death bed,

Your future turned out to be just what I said,

Your souls missing a body, it sees a wreath,

It knows that it’s done, cause you can’t breathe,

One way ticket to hell, the devils gonna greet,

It’s dinner time for Satan, we all know what it’ll eat.

Byes :shakehead:

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You have the courage to respond,

I admire that, this wont take long,

I’m gonna rip you apart like I stated,

I told you your destiny is fated,

To trip over like you did before,

Man ya gonna look worn

Like a right hand to ya jaw,

But you want more,

o.k. that’s your decision,

you got no vision,

got ya wishing,

gloves off, I’ll start my dissing:

i am sick and tired of all this crap,

i'm gonna take you out with my hands behind my back,

that's a fact,

i'm gonna reduce you to a vanilla,

i'm gonna gonna get you praying to the buddha,

or allah

or if u believe in nothing get you wishing for karma,

your fate's been predicted,

but this battle's got u addicted,

give up now the time's right,

rip upart your mike

how much more can u take,

gonna sink like the drake,

i'm gonna expose u as a flake,

i'm gonna make u pray,

you have had your day,

wish it diden't turn out this way,

but you coulden't let go,

beaten by the ego,

lost your flow,

now the show's over,

move over,

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I geuss thats your attempt of a "Diss"

your words do make sense, so i got the gyst

ive had enough, rawad bracesup just killed you

if i had the powers, i wouldnt heal you

everytime you write do you hope to shine

coz them corny rhymes dont work, line by line

think what you gonna say before you say it

ill talk to god before you go ahead and pray it

look homie, im not hostlie im just giving you advice

wana try and beat me, that will come to a price

its crazy that 7 pages later and u still in a cage

battle after battle, ive beaten u on every page

i can do it raw, i can do it hard, see your so soft

see when i coughed, its time for you to clean ya loft

being proud and im being loud, theres some setences

now imma hit you in the head, and knock u bad to your senses

see i need a witness, ive beat you considerin my distance

so come on try and beat me, lets get down to buissness

your whack, and im not saying that in a nice way

bracesup killed u the other day, now im here to put you away

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**WARNING** *Stupid Lyrics Alert* :lolsign:

Hello there cutie, welcome to my barbeque,

Got my best bud J-o-e, and a guy called FuQ,

We is gonna party hard, and smoke a few,

Ain’t referring to weed, but a guy like you.

Time for everybody to kiss the chef,

Cause he’s gonna whip up somethin so def,

Would seem like a buffet of hos from Hef,

But it’s my battle rhymes, so call a ref,

Guess what honey, I’ve got something for you to take,

Fresh from the oven is these lyrics that I baked,

A new batch of insults in this wonderful cake,

For you to eat out by the lake,

Here’s my recipe book for you to hold,

It’s got hiney-holes, tushie-roles and a pussy fold.

You better start eating before it gets cold,

Or these fresh bunch of verses might develop some mould.

Now now there, you can’t be asking me,

My secret ingredient, that I got from my family,

It’s a well kept mystery, back from my history,

But I’ll give you a hint, it’s got my fist, see!

Lookie here what happened, someone got to the beef,

I wanna know now who is that thief,

Oh wait it’s J-o-e, much to my disbelief,

He has cut you open and left you in a grief.

Hey look, here comes our best pal Lerkie,

Ridin along on his beautiful horsie,

Let’s all play pin the tail of a donkey,

But instead we decided to use your hairy hiney.

Byesie :wink:

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It’s been a bit of time since my last reply,

No I diden’t die,

I wanna make this reply potent,

Make it good enough to quote it,

Sorry bout the corniness last time

But it was truly a freestyle, almost every line,

No j.o.e I don’t hope to shine all the time,

As I said, it was the first thing that came to mind,

If I took some more time you’d acknowledge it was more sophisticated

But this is the way I wanna do it, I don’t care if u hate it


I like the line I’ll talk to God before you go ahead and pray it,

I like that, not ashamed to say it,

But brace killed me,

Come on, made me laugh is more like what he did to me,

Rapping about my funeral and his puny dick,

No offence brace, but those lines were pretty ****,

Anyway I’ve gotta get some sleep,

Got my exams in 3 days, and 2 next week,

I don’t wanna fail,

so I’ll cya’s all later,

now all hail!


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are you gonna try and quit or do i have to force you?

see im not the leader of rap, i dont want to boss you

but your giving me no other choice in the situation

so come on 16 lines thats it, thats the stipulation

i dont wana get pissed off, because i when i do

im telling you right now, you dont wana be in your shoes

coz i can rip you to peices, whenever i like

but when i record, homie ur the first name i say on the mic

see im anoyed that you havent got the point

but you remind me of a young-me, ill dislocate all ya joints

make you scream in pain, homie ya know my name

so why did you even try and call me out once i beat you

this rhyme aint no sign so look, imma go ahead and treat you

with a couple of disses, covered in ya girls kisses

i dont wana get ahead of myself, but home this is,

the end of your long road journey, you gonna get tired

whenever you finish school u gonna get fired before ur hired

your stupid as hell, but i aint goin to say ur not livin well

coz i dont kno but with this diss imma send ur ass straight to hell

you think im gonna be impressed if your stressed?

probably gonna go tart up in ya mother's dresses

so when the revern says ashes to ashes, dust to dust

just make sure next time u say my name, whos got the best cuss? What!!!

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j.o.e your getting me pissed off,

what your saying is way off,

beside the point

16 or 23 lines(yours), who seriously gives a ****,

all that matters is if the words fit, if they exemplify your wit,

your gonna sislocate my joints,

acting all rough and hard ain't gonna score you any points,

i called you out so we could have a real contest,

a slug fest, but your a mess,

launching all this crap at me,

none of it makes sense honey,

you gotta put yourself together,

get your head screwed on a hell of a lot better,

cause the way your rhyming now is killing me,

no way thriling me,

like a clown show that never ends,

giving you nightmares that'll never end,

dude, get your mouth in place,

your mind together so you don;t look like a basket case.

or disgrace, cause thats what it looks like to me,

you understand the gist of waht im saying joey,

dont make me wack that smug ass of yours now,

listen to waht i say now,

or i'll force you to throw in the towel,


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