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unofficial battle I

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I'm sorry i never said welcome to the board

well i geuss, that i was just kinda, bored.

rawad u wana restore rap like it used to be

how can u do that when the games changes simply

its a way of life, will smith aint the biggest rapper

just like a big choclolate bar, aint the biggest wrapper

do you even understand what im trying to say?

beat me? no way? save that for a rainy day

i like the last 2 lines, u set the benchmark

imma create a spark, so people like u can see in the dark

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So you are back again with your miserable attempt?

If this was a rap court, Rawad would be in contempt.

But you still fascinate me with your unbelievable ego,

This isn't your element kid, about time you let it go,

I do have the tendency to move the crowd,

Just listen to everybody screaming out my name loud,

Capabilty in any fake to come up with some fast lines,

It's the content that's missing from rappers with weak minds,

This is why I'm different from amateurs like you,

Cause you claim to be great, but you always miss the cue.

Complete lack of talent, verses missing freshness,

Your ambitions as a rapper, will end up in a mess,

This is just your beginning, so fortunes on your side,

Better resort to changing careers, consult a councilling guide,

Might want some advice, from the loser who posted above,

Happens to be my victim, he is just a hasbeen now.

Byes. :wait:

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Hey Joe, sorry I came across as an arrogant prick,

It’s true, you almost had me licked,

But, hang on, let me explain a little about me,

Lets see if I got any real talent /credibility

This is my third rhyme till now

Every rhyme I’m gaining ground

And Your like you wanna show me the light,

Lol, the criteria for that would be you’d gotta be bright,

Nah, I’m just kidding I like ya flow,

Your skillz show,

But are you a rime spilla,

Or just some rap side show filler


you sure u got enough to set fire to a mic,

like run dmc rock till dawn’s in sight

You ain’t no vanilla, I know that,

But you ain’t no ghost faced killa cat,

Keep it up, maybe someday you’ll be well known,

Your face on ever clip mtv shows

You be the guy all the honey’s wanna be with,

The one the guys wanna be seen with,

The one with the million dollar car for show,

The one all the haters suddenly wanna know

And braces up, you kill me,

You wanna take me to rap court,

That’s all you can spit forth,

Now just imagine if some record label actually took you on,

Sooner or later they’d know they were hit by a loud mouth con ,

If they ever did, if they tried, if they lied and said your fly,

man, i'd know why Will made tell me why

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sorry whats your name again, rawad?

if u ever beat me, homie u'll need a reward

let me answer the question, do u have crediblity

you will never have the same skill as me

or as real as me, me and bracesup like 2pac and snoop

rhymin chillin, could see me spittin at a stoop

living life as high as i can, are you a man

are you physically able to understand

these words that i say, u need to pray

dont mean to diss but i can beat u anyday

give me a beat to rap over and im doing it all night

but if u give me a decent diss, then i might have to fight

i dont wana bust, but its a must coz of ya lust

u love rapping dont ya, need to learn the song "4 Us"

its crazy cause i gotta start from scratch

dont kno that? imma hit u in the face with a bat

look if i had a gun, i wouldnt shoot u in the brain

u will die painfully, die lyin there, going all insane

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my response(man this sucks!)

Like a tornado in the Midwest,

You’ll be screaming and a thumping will be herd in ya chest,

Your kinda sick, like ali in eighty one,

Your times up, its done,

Retire when the times right,

Preserve your rep, don’t try to fight,

Don’t be like Jordan playing till his 42,

Wrecking his rep just cause he wanted to outdo that kobe dude,

I’ll knock you out in less than 3 rounds,

That’s my prediction, how does it sound,

Maybe then you can be like will, was lost but now is found,

You think you’re a babe ruth,

Please swear on a bible that ain’t holy truth,

You think you’re the man,

Haha, about as credible as the evidence for iraq by uncle sam

As lost as Georgie boy when giving his inauguration address,

Or I guy that got borderline idiot on his 1q test,

As annoying as DrPhil mcgraw,

Make your eyes sore,

Please please if we were playing bball to use an analogy,

You’d be my 6th pick on the bench, just come on to make u feel better, that’s reality,

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The clock keeps ticking, and you're losing the battle,

You have changed your style, you're back playing with your rattle,

It's just your fifth rhyme and you've already started to stumble,

Referring to players and politicians isn't greatness, but just a fumble,

Negligence is your weakness cause you can't beat me and J-O-E,

We tag team back and forth and screw you like a whore,

You're sweating in your sleep, nightmares haunting you every night,

Fear lurking in your mind, you're afraid you might lose the fight,

So prepare yourself to get affected with severe manic depression,

Cause that’s whats gonna happen when you go through me son.

But I do feel sorry for you, 'cause you've got such high hopes,

That you would make it to the big league, and climb the success ropes,

It's all going to end though, 'cause I'm here to shatter your dreams,

Yet I'm just doing you a favour, so I don't need myself to redeem,

You think I'm here to get you, but I'm your blessing in disguise,

I’m just saving you from your downfall, that you’ll later realize.


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but homie u cant beat me, so its a technicality

look, your rapping just like your drunk

to me, your nuttin but a small little punk

that ill brush off as soon as this rhyme

hits your head and its the line

that will cause u to have a meltdown

coz im the king its not a thing wearin this gold crown

im really ruthless when it comes to this

then u might toothless if u try and diss

and the weaponds of mass destruction

i can jus say ur moms so fat she needs loposuction

but hey im getting in a head of my self

and right before your girls bed and my self

i wish i was rich, but ur moaning just like a bitch

man ur anoyin just like you cant reach an itch

and me being picked 6th? its better than being last

man u gotta get amenisea to forget ur terrible past

my rhymes so sick, ur a prick, u like to **** D*ck?

and just because ive cursed in this verse

doesnt change the outcome in who's gonna be in the hearse

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Good Battle.....whos sucked? dont wana start another one do we? haha....

my last one was pretty bad you have to admit,

another one? piss off, you've embarrassed me enough,

your rhymes i think are the best ive seen at this site joe,(so far at least), and brace your also pretty good,

im going to have a brake, retire from this thing for like the next 15 years...

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Your not bad at all, and if you wana retire from rap just because of me and bracesup, well im sorry, :shakehead:

thanks for the props, and im no where near the best rapper on this board, i'd probably say Da Breaks, FuQ, Prince was a good rapper untill ge got banned, Bracesup is an amazing rapper....check there stuff out, then you will change ya mind on whos the best :lolsign:

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This might turn out into a praising contest, but Rawad is right. Of all the raps I have read in this forum, I think J-O-E has got the most skills here. The guy is just plain witty! :respect:

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