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  1. i think the freshman remix put another twist to the song, and also the instrumental fits to the lyrics, i think, it's a little bit dark ( i don't know how to put in words, sorry for my english ) i mean that the message of the song is there, but the chorus suckz and makes the remix bad...
  2. i think before you judge him you should listen 2 the track ;) i already made a remix of the track cuz i liked it so much (only cuz of joe, who makes the chorus damn hot) in the track yayo compares the girl he is with, with stars like usher alicia keys and also he compares with jada and will, it's no shout out to will smith, it just fits in his verse, also i gotta say that i dont really like yayo, and the rest of the gang the game keeps the heat man fifty maybe sells records but aaaa gggg he's not !!! ggggg-unot!!!! ;) will and jada 4ever!
  3. Teairra Mari Ft. Kanye West - Make A Girl Feel (Official RmX)
  4. The Game Hate It Or Love It (G-Unit Diss Remix) Just A Lil Bit (50 Cent Diss) Play The Game (G-Unit Diss) =)
  5. Yeah have some instrumentals. ← i was talkin' about the party starter instrumental ^^ edit// now, i got the instrumental, i will make a remix this week...
  6. really, really, great game i had 2 get up at 3 am here in germany to watch the game, now it's about 7 am and now i must go to school... finals mvp tim duncan, he missed a lot of easy shots, but he maked really big shots
  7. this track iss sooo hooot, he killed 50 Cent with his lyrics, and also the other **************
  8. sorry, i don't know "Ill Will" i hope it's not a big shame?
  9. i don't know if it's metioned before but i think jadakiss is showing credits to will smith on the made you look remix of nas, real old track, but i heard it today as i was going through my acapellas... "cuz they know the flow is ill, just like will was" do you think he means the fresh prince?
  10. What that for a Song? Is it a Remix?I heard The Game saying in a interview "R.Kelly can suck my D""g" ← no remix! ^^ really hot song produced by scott storch
  11. R.Kelly Ft. The Game - A Player's Game :2thumbs: :2thumbs: :2thumbs:
  12. 1 - 1 damn, flash, 40 points, 8 rebounds, d-wade 4 mvp ^^ :2thumbs:
  13. J.Lo Ft. Fat Joe - Hold You Down (Corey Rooney Spring Remix)
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