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The JJFP Video Game: Who Stole the DJ

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Hey ya'll. I'm thinking about making a JJ/FP text adventure game, and I'm in search for folks who'd like to help. The whole vibe of the game would be fun/funny hip-hop theme with a LOT of rhymes. The game would star, of course, Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince, and would feature other rappers, and probably some of the us as well. My initial idea for the story is to base it on "Who Stole The DJ", you'd play Sherlock Homeboy, the Super-Fly Private Eye, Fresh Prince. :) And, of course, you'd have to rescue Jazzy. Perhaps going through some area's based on JJ/FP/WS songs. (Then She Bit Me, Nightmare, Scary Story, etc..)

There's not much technical stuff to this, I can probably do it all. But it requires a lot of writing, rhyming, and puzzles. (kinda like what Hero tormented us with a while back to get those articles)

Anyone here like to be a part of this?

For those who don't know, a text adventure is an old style of video game, they're kinda like choose your own adventure books. You can play one at: http://www.eblong.com/zarf/zplet/dreamhold.html Apparently they're also called "interactive fiction"

Hmm, maybe I shoulda posted this to the Numero Uno forum, that seems to be where all the rhymers hang out...

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Hey that's sounds fun, I'm down! :peace:

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hey Schnazz I'd love to help but I've got loadsa exams and coursework and stuff to do at the moment. If it's still kickin around the end of June then count me on board :thumb:

Same for me dude! Just let me know!

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Yea, we need to get a storyline together. Here's my initial thoughts on a concept, subject to debate and radical change :)

Furious that Jazzy and The Prince are rocking parties so hard, the Ying Yang Twins have stolen Jazzy. Now it is up to the Fresh Prince to get him back. For some random, at some point very well described, reason, FP has to traverse the world collecting beats. The odds are against him though as the Ying Yang Twins joined forces with all of the really untalented gangster rappers of the world. Luckily, FP has many old school rappers supporting him, including Dana Dane (yea, random, but his music kills me :). Agent FP will traverse a series of worlds based off of JJ/FP music, including:

Block Party

Trapped On The Dance Floor

Loretta (element in other worlds)

Twinkle Twinkile (element in other worlds)

Just One Of Those Days

Parents Just Don't Understand

Scary Story

Nightmare On My Street ending in Then She Bit Me with the final battle against the Ying Yang Twins

Here's what needs to be done:

Put together a story line

Create/decide on characters

Come up with a rough game flow (for example, you have to outwit bouncers to get off the dance floor and into Just One Of Those Days, a bad example, but an example none the less :)

Create puzzles

Write descriptions for rooms, objects, etc

Write dialog

Btw, what's an appropriate way/place to discuss this? In this thread? Another thread? Email?

Also, I've never made a text adventure game before, and it's been a while since I played one (hopefully I'll fix that shortly). But I'll try not to go off in the wrong direction too much. :)

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hey schnazz we'll keep all discussions in this post..which im about to move to the jjfp forum.. i would like to add "code red" the track as one of the location/scenes storyline to the game

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i would like to add "code red" the track as one of the location/scenes storyline to the game

Hehhehheh, that'll be great! Code Red's in! :thumb:

Anyone else have any suggestion's for tracks that should be used as locations/scenes? Or ones that should at least be referenced?

Suggestions for characters are welcome too... Personally, I'd like to see: Good guys of Dana Dane, Slick Rick and Biz. Neutral guys: Ice Cube and Nas

Anyone care to start making story suggestions? High level ideas, or maybe a rough overview of how you'd like a scene to play out? Hero, ya got anything for Code Red?

Keep in mind, it's a little different, since things needs to be in game form. For example, there needs to be things that the player needs to accomplish, different options for the player to choose from, etc... You don't need to come up with any of those just yet, just keep them in mind when thinking about the story.

Also, I'm putting together a little demo of the game. Just a couple small locations, nothing major. The goal being to try and set a vibe of the game, so we can figure out what page we want everyone to be in. (and, hopefully, give folks a taste of the goal) Hopefully I'll get that together this weekend.

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FP already made us a story for code red. How about u have to get out of the restuarant b4 his girl sees him. If thats possible to do on this game. She could be walking around and u gotta hide behind different objects. :dunno: Im not sure how u wanna work it.

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