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The JJFP Video Game: Who Stole the DJ

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I've been thinking about some some additional story points, and I'm not coming up with anything all that great... Here's a few idea's I've had:

Other suspects - In trying to figure out who stole the DJ, there's other people who may have done it (to keep the player guessing, etc). Some ideas would be: Suge Knight was just released from prison and is trying to rebuild Death Row (by abducting people). P Diddy wants to throw another party and he's short on talent, so he's stealing it.

Women - FP has a girlfriend, and he goes on dates. I was thinking that maybe he could luck into some information on different dates... Like Hero was saying, he, umm, interrogates Lil Kim, who may be in on the dj stealing. There needs to be some stuff to drive the story/game forward with girls. It seems like there could be a lot of really good options in this area, I'm just not thinking of them. (as well as a bunch of JJ/FP material) For example, how does the Code Red portion relate to Jazzy being stolen. (is it a random tangent? which would be kinda funny... does FP get additional information that leads him to Jazzy? etc...)

Any of ya'll who want to help with the story, please jump in here and throw out some ideas!

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actually thats a good idea.. FP has a gf right..but he is going out with this women(code red style) to try and get more information..she may be involved.. P.diddy should definitely be a suspect! the way he follows will around everywhere... dj cash money could be another 1..jeffs philly dj rival... and workin vanilla ice into the story would be good 4 sum cheap laughs

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P.diddy should definitely be a suspect! the way he follows will around everywhere...

Yea, I'm feeling that, have him lurk in different scenes, etc... maybe have a twist at the end where he was trying to help you or some other random thing...

dj cash money could be another 1..jeffs philly dj rival...


and workin vanilla ice into the story would be good 4 sum cheap laughs

Hahahaha, yea :thumbsup2:

Anyone else have some story ideas? There's still a lot of story left to put together...

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hey we should put eminem in this game somewhere, if we cant hurt him in real life we should at least get to hurt him in a game.

You know where we left off before were fp has to find ice cube. He can leave the club and head to a recording studio were cube likes to hang out. He gets into the studio only to find Vanilla ice trying to make a come back CD. But the only way to get into the studio to actually talk to him is to find a pair of ear plugs first bcoz with a great ear for rap like Will has, he cant stand to listen to that crap. When he gets into the recording booth he then has to stop vanilla ice from rapping before he can take off the ear plugs so he can talk to him.

Im stuck here so has any1 else got any ideas of what vanilla ice knows and where ice cube is?

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You know where we left off before were fp has to find ice cube. He can leave the club and head to a recording studio were cube likes to hang out. He gets into the studio only to find Vanilla ice trying to make a come back CD. But the only way to get into the studio to actually talk to him is to find a pair of ear plugs first bcoz with a great ear for rap like Will has, he cant stand to listen to that crap. When he gets into the recording booth he then has to stop vanilla ice from rapping before he can take off the ear plugs so he can talk to him.

That's great Julie! Good game play items and story advancement! And randomly knocking Vanilla Ice is always fun. :) Vanilla Ice could direct FP to Cube, and he'd be a great person to start the player thinking about the wrong kidnappers. (because, really, could Vanilla Ice even ~identify~ a rapper? : )

I had another random idea, this one could be either cheesy funny or cheesy dumb, I'm not sure... What do ya'll think about having a location called "Thug Mansion" ? A mansion where all of the hard-core rappers hang out... It could have some fun possabilities... for example: It's where rappers like Nas hang out, and it has a bunch of pretenders trying to get in. It could be kinda cool, but it could turn out kinda dumb, what do ya'll think?

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Its needs to work more on that but i think is very big and it is cool :


Everything starts when JJFP are in some club and blow off any others competions with JJFPs performs and at the end of the show some man comes to them and invite JJFP to big competion but others rappers( which also win some competions) feel how good are they and one of the groups decide to stole the dJ and they do 3 hours before the big show


When FP comes to the backstage and looking for Jeff he can find him anywhere and ask everything but no one want to tell him cuz some gangsta rapper stole him

but then comes mc hammer and say : i can help but only gives you a clue but if u only can touch this on the dance floor.When FP wins => Hammer say: Ok i can only tell you that Ace cube saw them then .FP comes to ace cube ,ace cube tells him: listen man i can help u to find your dj but if u can beat me with rhymes.Fp beat him.=>A C say : ok man u are dope rapper i can tell u that some people bring him on the back entrance .LL Cool J hear that and say: I can help u man to beat the damn rappers but must u find them.FP say : ok man thanks. when FP comes out of the back entrance he dont see no one but one old homeless man.fp ask is he sAw anybody suspicious and then the old man say: yeah little boy i saw something like gorrila and a liitle blond girl bring some black man .FP say : where ?old man say : i can tell but if you answer me some questions correct.FP answer him correct and the old man say : ok u are smart boy they go that old house over there.Fp comes back to the club and tells to LL that he find where is Jeff.

LL say: ok man lets go .THey go to house and seeing two guys.FP say: i know them .LL say : they no what am i expecting .i have expecting some gangsta rappers.FP: no man i expecting them the old man said the one is like gorrila and the others is like a little blond girl i expect thats should be 50cent and Eminem, so despaired to stole Jeff when they saw how bad singers are they (bad mean bad).

LL:ok man lets go there and beat them .=>FP and LL saves Jeff and then win the competion with a little help again from LL.

.................................................................the end...........................................


the games of the middle of the story can looks like that:

the first with MC HAmmer: you how in the little flash games u must push the right button in the right time so u repeat the same moves like MC hammer pushing the right time.........

the second game with the rhymes: i have no idea......

the third game with the question and answer(the story with the old man u choice some questions) : u can use like if played the pc version of the tv show '' win a million"(or something like this was the name of the show) or when is shows the question you click ot the right button (where is the correct answer)

the fourth game(when FP beat eminem) :))) : dont know but would be funny :1-say-yes:


this is it. i know it is looks like a whole movie but is cool i think and one more thing am sorry about my english :thumbsdown: i wrote this very fast and its no the best thing but............this is it :2thumbs:

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Ok ya'll, Hero and I went through all the idea's ya'll posted and put together a script for the game. I'm very excited about this, if you dig text adventures at all (or can even tolerate them), you're going to love this game once it's finished. We're just about ready to get making the actual game, so lots of writing help is needed! Here's the script:


Scene opens at FP's crib, nice place. Gina, his gold-digging girlfriend is chilling with him. After chatting briefly with Charlie Mack, Charlie and FP go to pick up JJ at ATOJ.

Scene 1:

FP and Charlie Mack arrive at ATOJ, noticing that the front door is wide open, very odd since JJ is such a private guy. Sitting out front is ScyHigh, sitting in his pimptastic ford taurus. Scy tells you that he just saw MC Hammer running away. You go inside and the place is completely trashed, stuff missing, etc. It looks like someone stole the DJ. Agent FP takes control and heads over to headquarters.

Scene 2:

On his way to head quarters, FP has the radio on and hears windy Williams talking some nasty stuff about JJ and FP. Towards the end of the broadcast she says "Someone should just get rid of those two once and for all..." FP arrives at headquarters and checks in with his the captain. Before he can get to his captain, a gorgeous lady crosses his path. With a few right lines, her name promptly get's added to the chictionary. You talk with the captain, who know's nothing, and you start to head out. Before you can get out the door, another girlie steps to you. After properly taking care of that situation, you head off to see Hammer.

Scene 3:

You arrive at the trailer park and find Hammer chillen in his crib. After poking around the place, it's evident that Jazz is nowhere to be found. Hammer acknowledges that he was at ATOJ, but he was working. Turns out that since is rather drastic fall from fame, he's had to find a new career, he sells magazines door-to-door. He never actually got to give his sales pitch to Jazz though, as he walked up, he saw Dr. Dre (or some better person to use here) loading up a van in front of ATOJ. Hammer, not wanting to get between Dre and Suge, decided it wasn't worth a sale of a subscription to Yachting Monthly to continue, he bailed. After a very emberrasing moment where some girl asked you to sign her breast, you decide to put Dre on hold and check out Wendy Williams.

Scene 4:

On your way to William's studio, you get a call from Lil Kim. She says that she heard about Jeff and has some information to give you. You're supposed to meet her at Ruthkris' later today. You and Jeff had a double date planned for there later today anyway, so you agree.

You arrive at the studio and bust in with authority. You demand to know where JJ is. William's, looking completely freaked out, tells you that she has no idea, she's been on the air for the past four hours. Checking your watch, and noticing that no one in the entire building look as though they’d cross the road to save her life, you decide that she's not the right suspect. She tells you though, in a fit of panic, that yesterday she was interviewing "one of those white rappers" and they where talking about how they're going to finally get their career going properly, they hired some ghost writers and where going to secure some incredible beats. With your brilliant knowledge of hip-hop history, as well as who's currently in Philly, you decide it's gotta be either Vanilla Ice or Eminem.

Here you can go after Eminem or Vanilla Ice first.

Scene 5:

You head over to Eminem's crib. Gangsta rap has been good to him, he's living large. You arrive there and Em's recording in his studio in the back. Rolling into his studio, you see the Neptunes working on some new beats with Em. With them is Brittany Spears, luckily she's just there jocken Em. Seeing that the Neptunes are Em's new source, you cut to check out Vanilla Ice. Before you can step, Brittany starts checking you hard. Noting that this ain't vegas and there's no preachers around, you do the right thing.

Scene 6:

You head back to the trailer park to speak with Vanilla Ice. As you wade through a group of some of the nastiest women you've ever seen, you spot Kid Rock. He tells you that Vanilla Ice is over at Sony Studios recording his new album. You catch up with the cat who was seen loading up a van in front of ATOJ, turns out that, convinced JJ was so hot because of his equipment, he was stealing JJ’s gear. You cuff him, radio in to the captain, and cut.

Scene 7:

You head over to Sony Studios, Tommy Mattola's stops you at the gate. Apparently you're too old to get in. With clever use of your Lost And Found gold record, you leave Tommy unconscious at the gate. Heading in you spot another exec, asking him about Jazz, he tells you that he doesn't need Jazz, "We already shelved his last album." Heading inside you spot Beyonce, as well as the rest of Destiny’s Child. Though it's Beyonce you can't pass up, you go ahead and have a few special hours with all three of them. Several bottles of Gatorade later, you go and find Vanilla. He's with G Unit, recording his new track "in the club with ice ice baby." Vanilla starts riding you to spit on a track with him. After you refuse, pointing out that bumpen Kenny G for six straight hours would be a more pleasant proposition, Vanilla starts giving you lip, the fool even swings on you. Shortly there-after Vanilla's laying in the corner, crying, holding up tickets to P Diddy's party, trying to bribe you to let him go, all the while 50's in the corner laughing hysterically. Snagging the tickets, you notice one of the lines on it... "featuring a world renowned old school DJ for your enjoyment!" That MUST be Jazzy, you head off.

Scene 8:

You show up to one BUMPEN party. P Diddy may not know music, but he sure knows parties. Man, EVERYONE is here! Nelly, Snoop Dog, Petey Pablo, Fat Joe, Tim Westwood, Lil' John, Marky Mark, etc... Though, you notice that Tone Loc is still outside, not able to get past the bouncers. As you wade through the dance floor, J Lo steps up to you. Trying to impress you, she starts singing in a key that can only be described as Oh-God-Awful minor. The crowd runs to the edge of the floor, including (the kid from House Party), who starts bumpen the DJ stand. You look over, seeing the old school dj, who is non-other the Biz Markie. Well, so much for that lead. As you head off the dance floor, you run into all sorts of people... Eve, who hasn't seen Jeff in a while, and she's concerned cause he was stalking her. There's a group of people you can talk to, all very interesting to mock. To get off of the floor you have to talk to Chingy, who's there with a surprisingly hot girlie. You cleverly steal his girl and head to a pleasantly abandoned room. A moment later you realize that she was actually Mike Tyson's girl, he's in the room and not happy. Moment's later you jump through a window, in your draws, in the middle of December. (how did it get to be December? it was just July! Ah well, suspension of disbelief) You glance down at your watch and realize that it's time to head to the restaurant for your double date. Though you're dressed properly for the post-dinner get together, you call up Charlie Mack to swing by with some clothes and a ride for ya.

Scene 9:

You roll up at Ruthkris' just in time to meet Tracy and Yvette. As you walk in, they start asking you where Jazz is, you respond that he can’t make it, but you "can still double date, me plus ya'll two." At this point they get very upset and just then Gina, your girl, walks in. She starts going off just as your Chictionary falls out your pocket, making matters even worse. Luckily Biz rolls in and he's got your back. As things blow up around you, some of your previous flirtations become involved. You slowly get things under control, and dismiss girls as needed. Just as Gina heads out uttering things that would make Eddie Murphy blush, Lil' Kim walks in. She comes in jumpen all over you, she wants you HARD! She hints that she knows what’s up with Jazz, if you'll just give her some of the good stuff, she'll share. After you mistake her for Foxy Brown, and then realize that you had the wrong skanky hoe, she get's a little upset. When you then tell her that there’s no way you’ll get with her, she get's a bit more upset. She grab's you and actually bites you! (why is there so many Mike Tyson references in this game?) You start feeling very strange, that's some seriously funky lipstick... you pass out.

Scene 10:

Per a confidentiality agreement between jazzyjefffreshprince.com and Schnazzy Games Inc, this portion cannot be disclosed at this time.

The End!

Game Elements -

Chictionary. You carry this with you everywhere. As you progress through the game, if you behave properly towards the hunnies, you can score their number, which gets added to the chictionary. At the end of the game, you tally them up, creating a sub game of how many numbers can you get.

Freshometer. As you move through the game, there will be several key places where you can spit a JJ/FP lyric. If you kick them at the right time, your Freshometer will go up, another sub game. For example:

"you walk into the room the villain has jeff tied up and has sticks of dynamite strapped to his body"

reply "boom! shake the room"

and your freshometer has increased

Regular updates. In between each scene, Agent FP picks up a newspaper featuring funny stories recapping what he just did. It's a different newspaper each day... "The Homebase Daily" "The Chronic Chronicle" etc... Hopefully the titles of papers will be a bit more interesting.

Edited by Schnazz
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