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The JJFP Video Game: Who Stole the DJ

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I got some really lame ideas, so here goes,

Key Characters:

Fresh Prince - The Fresh Ninja

Jazzy Jeff - The Mystical DJ

IceCube - The Nigga Wit Knowledge

50 Cent - The New Breed Overlord

Olivia - The Backstabbing Byatch

G-Unit - The Evil New Breed

DJ Green Lantern - Evil Bastard

So here's the concept. It's a magical freaking world where Jazz is a mystic DJ with a magical turntable that when twisted keeps the world under control and keeps everything peaceful, probably like a enegy source that keeps the world going. But G-Unit and 50 Cent are evil mother-fu**ers from another dimension G known as the New Breed who wants to take over that world. But they need the freakin turntables so they can use it to inflict evil upon the world by using Green Lantern as the evil DJ who plays negative energy. This way these crazy mother-f**king bastards can rule the world.

But Jazzy, with his mofo powers, realises this and hides the turntables with the Nigga Wit Knowledge, Icecube, who is like a wise old nigga. But 50 kidnaps the mystic DJ (who by the way is lured to 50 by the skank Olivia) and keeps him hostage and says if anyone wants to see Jazz alive, then hand over them the turntables.

So now comes the hero of the plot. It's our very own Fresh Prince who is like the Protective Ninja of Ice-Mother-Fu*king-Cube. So he is the Chosen One to go into the Unit-Lair, an evil, AND DO I MEAN EVIL, place, to save Jazzy. Upon his way, he comes against evil villains like Llyod Banks, Young Buck, Tony Yayo, Slim-Fu*king-Shady, etc. He has to fight his way in, destroy New Breed Overlord, save Jazzy, and in turn save the world. There you go, end of story.

*note* I know it's really lame, so please don't bother to remind me of it.*

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Sorry for the delay, it's been a busy few days.

Jazzy Julie, some additional story points need to be added in to fill out Code Red as a story line. For example, apparently FP has a girlfriend, only one? Who is she? Is she present through out the game? Etc... As for the game play ideas, walking/hiding. That could be interesting, but it may be difficult. The way these kind of games are played, they're slow, turn based types of games... However, hiding might be an interesting puzzle. For example, you have to go behind a chair, then you have to grab a menu to cover your face, then you have to walk into the kitchen, etc...

Bracesup, that's a pretty good idea, but I think on a fan game based around JJ/FP, realism may be a better route. But super natural hip-hop characters could be a cool idea for a more traditional game. I am loving the extensive use of turntables, that may be something good to work in!

fabman, Philadelphia is a great setting as is A Touch of Jazz! And the listening to Britney Spears part cracked me up. :) That brings up an interesting point, how did Jazzy get stolen? What are they doing with them while they're holding him? Should we have cut scenes (for lack of a better term. A brief pause to see something else that's going on) describing him getting tortured?

I put together a (very) little something, just to get a place up where the game can live while we're working on it. The game itself isn't anywhere close to even being a demo, just a few poorly described locations. However, you can check it out at:


Sorry for the horrible rhymes! ;)

You'll need to be able to run Java to see it. About all you can do is:

walk east

check out my ride

pimp my ride

You'll need to click on the black box to start typing.

On the technical side, I'm using Inform (as in Zork). I went with that because a lot of people use it... Though, I'm open to suggestions to something better. Any suggestions should come quick, I don't want to get too far and have to change.

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okay heres a few of my ideas which we can work into the story at some point

fresh prince goes a date with a girl named kay.. they go to a restaurant..FPs girlfriend walks in

you have to then have a conversation with kay which will let you leave the table..

FP then has to go to the bathroom.. in the bathroom theres an item you can collect, say a trenchcoat, that you have to put on and wear..you cant get out the window (bars) and cant jump.. FP may say this to himself when he enters the bathroom.. so you need to put on the disguise

then once you go back into the main room of the restaurant..you then go to the exit and leave.. BUT FPs still gf sees him!

i think at this point..FP then realises some1 stole his car!! he then rings his car phone to speak to the criminal..and has to persuade him to return the car back..

then later in the game when FP is at home..his girlfriend rings him up...

Also once Jeff is saved i think a dog is a dog might be a funny scenario to work into the game...

i think we've pretty much got our main storyline locked in..some1 kidnaps jeff, fp has to find him and save him..its just a matter of working the other ideas we have into that storyline/game

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Here's a rough idea for an opening scene:

Jazzy and The Prince are supposed to be doing a show at <some hip club>. When FP get's there, he finds out that Jazzy isn' there, he's been stolen! This is a job for the Super-Fly Private Eye, Sherlock Homeboy, and transforms into Agent FP. He interviews folks backstage to find clues as to who took Jazzy. He talks to a few people, including Schnazz. Schnazz tell's him that Ice Cube may now something, he was talking about some ill stuff that was gonna go down. Indicating that Cube was in the club earlier, Agent FP then heads out to the Dance Floor. Someone on the dance floor tells him that Cube already left. As FP heads for the door, he's interrupted by some bouncers, nasty fella's that love gangsta rap (with some clever indication of this). Some how FP needs to find a way to get past the bouncers and the throngs of angry people waiting for a show. And hilarity ensues.

Once FP makes it off the Dance Floor and out of Da' Club, Charlie Mack has thoughtfully dropped off the SL 500. He hops in and set's off to find Ice Cube.

An example of how FP could get past a bouncer. He has the ability to rap his tracks for people. Some of the people on the club will tell him about the bouncers. A few of them subtle indicate that one of the bouncers secretly likes FP. A few others indicate that he has a strong willed lady that is always giving him grief. Will can get out by going up to the bouncer and dropping a few lines of Girls Ain't Nothen But Trouble.

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Schnazz posted:

Bracesup, that's a pretty good idea, but I think on a fan game based around JJ/FP, realism may be a better route. But super natural hip-hop characters could be a cool idea for a more traditional game. I am loving the extensive use of turntables, that may be something good to work in!

Yeah man. I felt that too later. Reality concept is much better. :thumb:

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Anyone have any feedback about the opening or the code red portion? We need to get together a next step after the opening. Where's Ice Cube at? What does he have to say? What interesting things/problems will FP encounter there? Where will FP head to next? Would this part be a reasonable setting for a Scary Story-esque part of the game? Should we introduce Kay now?

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Here's an idea for the finale

The last scene ended with you talking to some hottie at the club. She apparently was working for the people who stole the DJ. (ahh, the classic super-villain "this is how I'm going to win" rant) She poisons you and you pass out.

You awake locked in the back of Blazer outside the bad guys lair. As you look around, you realize that you're actually next door to your house, at the Ying Yang Twins' castle. When you get out of the truck, you see Jazzy's glasses lying on the ground. They must be the ones who took Jazzy and he's been here the entire time. Still in a haze, you try to sneak into the castle, avoiding the moat, attack dogs, snipers, and so on. (Man, they really put a lot of effort into keeping the hunnies from escaping.) Once you're inside, you need to find Jazzy. As you prowl around you start hallucinating people around you and you seem to keep wanting to sing nursery rhymes. Some interesting problems occur in the castle for you to solve, but eventually you stumble into a room and someone clubs you from behind. You wake up, tied to a pole, next to Jazzy. You deftly pull out your Swiss Army Hat, cut the rope and you're both free. As Jazzy makes his escape, you radio for backup and go into the next room to arrest the Ying Yang Twins. There's a final showdown, and Agent FP wins in some extremely clever way.

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lol u cant have nakedness in a computer game. :kekeke:

:hilarious: :hilarious: Well you don't have to follow the whole song of "Who Stole the DJ" :kekeke:

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