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Weird Hong Kong version of Lost and Found

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Man, i went ahead and bought this...as if i haven't spent enuff money in the last 2 weeks. I really hoping "Smary" is actually a song, but i have a feeling that it's one of those quirky misprints. I honestly don't think it's a song that's not on the album, but we'll find out.

I have the double disc of Born To Reign which is basically this same album but it has the B2R trax instead of the L+F trax. The Hong Kong import of B2R dosen't even play in some of my CD players. Let's just hope this is actually a b-side cuz i just spent alot of money i shouldn't have.

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yeah when i was in asia they had a lot of combo cds. they wouldnt actually have like 2 albums on one CD but theyd have like an album and then a lot of different songs from that artist on it too. its pretty nice even though theyre fake.

also on the CDs they just have a sticker that says the name of the artist and the album on it. it looks pretty crappy. i dont know if this is the same situation though

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