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  1. thanks~i listened to the concert,but neva saw it~~! thx so much~!!man~
  2. LET ME EXPLAIN IT~!!im chinese~!! THIS KIND OF CD is produced by china mainland~ my advice is dont buy dat~becoz its not as cool as you guys think about~ and the price on ebay is too expensive~maybe it include the postage
  3. lol~~~~nice plate~! u must take pride in it~!!~!! :thumb:
  4. i asked my friend to send da cd for me(im in china) n she sent da package today~~!!hahahhhhh~~~ i guess i will get dis hot new thing soon.~ i envy u lucky guys can get it now~ sorry again for da silly question if u guys still remember.
  5. KevTastic , U R MY MAN~!! THX 4 understanding me ~!! n forget about da question~!! ^________________^
  6. thx yall~!!! n sorry 4 asking dis question in fact, da most important thing is not about da money, im in china,man~!! n i dont think will's new album is out here now. i must wait for 3 months or more i have his 3 solo album, but i waited for a long time to buy 'em so i ask dis question~!!! i hope yall can understand me ~!!!! T__________T
  7. k~!!!! i understand yall~!!! n of coz i will buy da new album~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im not da kind of person,i know downloading mp3 is not good 4 da singer~! but... i cant wait ar~!!! if u were me, u would understand me y i ask this silly question wanna listen 2 da cool song,but no money right now...so sad~~~ k....i will save money asap...
  8. of coz l listened the songs at VH1's site but i wanna listen 'em not only in computer,u know~!! and many ppl here said they haf mp3, dats y i asked this question last but no least, i will buy da new album ~!! support big wille 4ever[/color]
  9. oh~!! im not a guest~!!! i forgot to log in~!! hahahaha~!! sorry guys~!!!
  10. Yeah... I dont understand very much of what youre sayin but you can send stuff to your friends via MSN, IRC and so on so on. oh~ dl= download i mean do u have a link to download will's new songs? could u give me, coz i cant find a way to download them~~
  11. hey guys~~how to send da song to ur fds? haf u dl da song of "lost n found"?? can yall give me a link to dl dat~? thx~!!! :thumb:
  12. hey guys~ i haf done a part of "Pump Ya Brakes " hope yall dont mind dat~!! thx~~ ____________________________________________________________________ Big Will Hey little homie you need to (pump ya brakes) Real Talk We came to have a good time we aint gotall the time for all that homey look (pump ya brakes) Now slide right and just (pump ya brakes) We'll holla at you in a minute but wait (pump ya brakes) You are viewing lyrics of PUMP YA BRAKES (FEATURING SNOOP DOGG) by WILL SMITH from the album LOST AND FOUND (2005) at LyricsAndSongs.COM All this excess stress I cant take it Slow that thing down pump ya brakes kid Why you gotta be all up in the face kid The abs will get you numbers and a name kid I mean really houndin on girl is that really necessary See your itinerary is all off you need to be hauled off She start flippin she aint trippin its your loss This a simple case of an anti break pumper You don't have to talk to me bumper to bumper That mighta got you a couple of numbers when you were younger But dude switch your whole approach that ain't proper Be a gentleman try and be gentle man The essence of stimulation mental man But if you actin like ya just got out a kennel man Put your foot on the peddle and … pump If your girl in ya face and she out of place What you need to tell her is (pump ya brakes) Now if you out with your girls and they pressin you hard What you need to tell em is (pump ya brakes) Now if you underage and you actin all grown What you need to do is (pump ya brakes) If you offended by this record and you know its you What you need to do is (pump ya brakes)
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