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Don't Act Right ~Fantasia

Hey ThanX 4 tha welcome back guyz... :peace: YAAH!

My schedule is soo hectic at this moment,... but its all cool.,.. I'll visit as much as I can, cuz I missed alla u guyz... and no I haven't heard that track yet... cuz I didn't even know it was out lmbo... Whose is it? lmbo. I've gotta lotTA catching up to do, but nontheless,...its great 2 be back... :thumb:

And 2 all tha newcomers since I've been gone,... big ol "WELCOME" from tha one ~N~ only ... big sis! ... muaaaaah! :grouphug:




I also registered on tha other board 2 c whas going on... guess I'll chek it out now... um.... What should I expect? --->>> :thumb: or whaa :lolbonk: ???


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KRS-ONE feat. Ill Will "Slap 'Em Up"

btw 3cookies,"Lost and Found" is Will Smith's album that came out a few weeks ago :slap:

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