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I don't know if y'all have done this or not, but I figured this could be an on going thing, every once in a while, or few days or so, we could come post about some of our faves..I'll start:

Don't know the name of the episode but, it's when Will and Carlton were managing Ashley when she wanted to be a singer, and they had those damn hand puppets on rapping and singing to her :roll: :lolsign:

Will:(beatbox) Will and Carlton are sorry... kitty Cat, hey Kitty Cat he-help me out
Carlton:(singing) we care about you very much :roll: ..I think she feels much better

I can't remember it all and that's probably not even the way they said it, but I laugh so hard whenever I see that episode and it always sticks out when I think of FPOBA I wish I could remember how they said it, I know somebody here knows

quotes: "Will Smith is the scum of the Earth."-Hillary :lolsign:
"Hillary!" (woof) :roll: Edited by willjadafan
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I forgot what episode it was or what was that particular show was about but when Will and Carlton was at that lil club thing and Viv and Phil didnt know about them going and I think Phil went up to the stage and threw Carlton off the stage..and Carlton was flying in the air

I thought i bout died when i saw that!
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From one of tonite's episodes: "Nice Lady"

Lady Penelope: Will have you got a smoke?
Will: A what?
LP: A smoke, you know, a cigarette?
Will: No I don't smoke and neither should you; it's bad for you.
LP: Oh, sod off Mother Superior
Will: Hey, hey, hey, hey, don't nobody call me a mother - nothin' :lolsign:

Geoffrey: Why aren't you at the opera with Lady Penelope?
Will: Geoffrey, she's nver been to an opera in her life
Geoffrey: How dare you besmudge the reputation of a lady!
Will: G, the Lady is a tramp! :roll: Edited by willjadafan
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Carlton - ...and i'm sick of all the short jokes. I'm Average height.

Will - For a Woman. (From Grumpy Young Men)

Carlton - Will this is your first day and I think your rubbing a lot of people the wrong way.

Will - Here in Boys Town I don't want to be rubbing anyone any way. (from Day Damn One)

Will - You really need to loosen up, we're young, we're single......One of us is really handsome the other is you. (Will to Carlton from You Bet your Life.)

Will - Ahhhhhhh, I could Kill that Carlton.

Geoffrey - Master William if your serious I could make a call.

Will - I was just kidding G.

Geoffrey - Me too.

(from Grumpy Young Men)

Carlton - Your problem is that you can't understand or respect women because your not in touch with your femanin side.

Will - Well your problem is that your not in touch with anybodies femanin side

(from Will's Misery) Edited by pauleywood
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my favorite episode is "72 hours" where carlton stays at jazz's hood due to a bet.

Phillip: Will, why do i always ahve to be the heavy?
Will: *stares at phil* you know what im not even gonna say nothing, im in enough trouble as it is
C-Note(carlton):yo wussup prince

C-note:yo prince why you dissin me?
jazz: even im beginnning to like him
c-note:they love me

Tiny: yo i hate school words, they make me mad!!!

(somebody):you gonna tell me how to run my bidnezz?

c-note:yo i can get 20 for this china doll
Phillip:Will, im going to be on you like a shadow...
Will: Uncle Phil, wit you wouldnt it be more like an eclipse?
phil:just for that little crack i am making myslef assistant amnager
will:aw man, i knew one fat jokes too many!

and i got many many more quotes, this is my all time favorite show, best there is out there, btu im pissed cuz TBS took it off! i liekd watching it in the noon
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from the episode starring Malcolm Jamal Warner aka Theo Huxtable, I can't remember his character's name I think it was Eric though

Will: "Man this thing used to say Cold Chillin' now it say old chili "
Eric : "What's the name of your insurance company?"
Will: "Yo fault! I don't have none and I don't need none cuz it's yo fault!"

From the same episode Will's outside blasting OPP
Vivian: "Ohmigod is it an earthquake?"
Philip: "I think it's the big one Vivian"
Geoffrey:" Not unless he's down with O-P-P.....YEAH YOU KNOW ME!" :roll:
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